7 Best Blushes For Every Complexion

Blushing is a beautiful emotion mostly attributed to women. Blushing is a woman’s natural way to express her shyness or shame or a feeling of embarrassment when her face automatically turns red. Women may blush for an unexpected compliment or some embarrassing comment. Whatever may be the reason, women blush and men like to see women blush. When a woman blushes, her cheeks tend to redden. While this blush colour may vary from woman to woman the emotion remains the same. Red is the usually color used for their apple cheeks by most women. But there are other colours too which not only gel with each and every complexion but helps women express their blushing in a more explicit manner by adding a little bit of tint that suits their skin color.

Here Are Some Best Blushes For Every Woman’s Complexion Which Will Add To Their Enticing Emotion

1. Pink & Gold Blush

Being the most preferred flattering skin tone, this rose-gold shade gels so well with the fair skin colour that it almost looks natural one would not know that a blush had been used. Applying it as a mild shade spread across the cheek in an even manner, this is considered as one of the best shades for people who are highly fair complexioned.

Pink & Gold Blush

2. Neutral Petal Pink

The apples of the cheek of fair women will get value added by sweeping neutral petal pink shade. This is a lovely shade that goes well with the fair skin as well as almost all shades of dresses. It adds to the beauty of the complexion in a subtle way highlighting the flush in a bright manner. Go in for branded shades so the colour can stay with you for longer hours.

Neutral Petal Pink

3. Yellow Undertone On A Fair Complexion

Some shades create a natural glow when applied on the skin making it look more natural than ever enhancing the existing tone to 3 to 4 shades higher. A light peach blush mixed with gold flecks does this magic on your skin when are fair complexioned.

Yellow Undertone On A Fair Complexion

4. Yellow Undertone On A Medium Complexion

A muted peach or sand shade will go in well on people who have a medium complexion. This will neither show them dark nor look dark on their skin. It will enhance the contours of the face projecting the blushes in an elegant beautiful manner

Yellow Undertone On A Medium Complexion

5. Gold Undertones On A Medium Complexion

People having a medium complexion must take extra care to select their blushes since a wrong selection may spoil their looks and emotions. A peach tinged bronze shade will not only enhance their facial expressions but it will gel so well with the complexion that it would complement to the natural beauty of the girl.

Gold Undertones On A Medium Complexion

6. Neutral Shades For Olive Skin

People having Olive skin tones must avoid going for neither a bright shade nor a dull one. Rose shades that are neutral enhance the beauty of the Olive skin by being neither glaringly bright not too shadowy. Such neutral shades will add soothing warmth to the face, making it a perfect blush

Neutral Shades For Olive Skin

7. Berry Overtone For Golden Brown Complexion

People who have a golden brown complexion can go in for neutral shades like Berry overtone which usually complement the complexion. This projects the flush in a convincing manner making the emotion an attractive and beautiful one

Berry Overtone For Golden Brown Complexion

Blush your cheeks by try the above mentioned blushes!

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