7 Best Beauty Products To Keep Your Hair Healthier And Thicker

Most of the experts suggest about the best way keep your hair healthier and thicker is to wash often and not make use of styling devices. There are lots of other products that help you to maintain the growth of your hair the way you wish to have.

Following Are Some Best Ways To Make Hair Healthier Instantly

1. A Superabsorbent Towel

Super absorbent towel comes in different sizes. It is made up of microfiber which soaks up most of the water from your wet hair; as rubbing with regular towel can damage a surprising amount your hair. You can use Sephora Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban, which is made of super-absorbent product, Aquitex. Mostly super-absorbent towels are used outdoors and specially for camping fans. The Superabsorbent towel helps dry and polish multiple surfaces of your hair with complete smoothness without harming it.

A Superabsorbent Towel

2. A Heat-protecting Spray

Heat-protecting sprays help & protects your hair from warmness of styling tools. Making use of spritzing product like Tresseme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray on damp or dry hair will offer you a very smooth and protective layer on your hair. After spraying this, you can make use of any styling product without damaging your hair. You can get the most perfect styling result with the help of heat protecting sprays.

A Heat-protecting Spray

3. A Less-damaging Hair Color

Choose wisely a hair color for your hair that do not damage your hair to the core. Ammonia and peroxide widely harms your hair moisture. So, select a hair color which free from both chemicals. L’Oréal Professional’s new salon dye, INOA Color, is the best to opt for. It is having a very new ingredient that dramatically change the color of your hair devoid of foul smell or sting. Also it is more resistant for long color life. This product is made up from gentle coloring process which involves smaller amount of color particles.

A Less-damaging Hair Color

4. A Deep Conditioner

Conditioner is a hair product that nourishes hair from root to tip leaving behind best texture and shiny appearance. It is recommended to use a deep conditioner like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Nourishing Treatment for Dry Hair at least once a week. This treatment provides complete moisture to dry hair and its ingredients helps in hiding dryness and damage for a long period of time. Apply the moisturizing cream, leave for a period of time and feel shiny & tangle-free hair.

A Deep Conditioner

5. An Ionic Blow-dryer

Dryers have capacity of providing more durability and lasting performance. They provides salon style results at home. An iconic blow dryer removes charged which cut-down the drying time and allows the hair cuticles to lie flat. Instead of using any traditional hair dryer, it is recommended to make use of T3 Featherweight Professional Hair Blow Dryer.

An Ionic Blow-dryer

6. A Silicone-Emitting Flat-Iron

Get frizz free hair with the help of Silicone emitting flat iron tool. Flat irons offers a feeling of deep silky hair; so it is suggested to use a perfect product; no matter how costly it is! The Remington Style Frizz Therapy Flatiron is one from most liked irons for getting a good hair effect. The plates of Remington flatiron is coated with porous ceramic chemical which removes silicone conditioner from your hair and gives curl-free hair styling.

A Silicone-Emitting Flat-Iron

7. A Gentler Brush

Applying a simple and gentle brushing to your hair is perfect for getting best result for your hair. It is highly advised to give your hair a horizontal brushing motion while holding at a 45 degrees angle just like holding a pencil. Select the best hair brush like Goody Start Style Finish Frizz-Free Finish brush, which has soft, extra-fine, natural boar bristles that gives smooth brushing even to the most delicate or thinner hair.

A Gentler Brush

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