7 Best BB Creams For Oily Skin

BB creams have been selling like hot cakes in the Asian markets since the 80’s because of the cream’s attribute for being an all in one skin solution. BB stands for blemish balm that was formulated by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek in the 60’s. But it was the Korean cosmetic companies that developed the formulae furthermore to make a facial product that combines the goodness and skin protecting properties of sunscreen lotion, foundation, primer, and tinted moisturizer. Popularity of multipurpose BB creams has skyrocketed even in the Western markets. Competition has become fierce with many companies making BB creams specifically for oily skinned individuals.

Here Is A Compilation Of Seven Best Bb Creams For Oily Skin:

1. L’oreal Paris BB Cream True Match Skin Idealizing

The BB cream by one of world’s best known skincare product brand guarantees to mask the face as foundation for twenty four hours. L’oreal BB cream is available in three shades that give the skin velvety finish and is particularly very beneficial for women who are on the go. The reasonably priced Bb cream is perfect for almost all skin types as it sets evenly on the skin and does not have a sticky texture.

L’oreal Paris BB Cream True Match Skin Idealizing

2. Maybelline Dream Pure BB

For a picture perfect matte finish in oily skin, Dream pure BB cream is definitely worth giving a shot. It’s light, smooth and diffuses in the skin with amazing ease. Composition wise, very few creams can be this neutral. Bb cream by Maybelline contains a paltry 2 percent salicylic acid that settles in the skin easily as powder to give the desired matte finish. Another product from the same house is Maybelline Glow Shine Free BB stick that can be used for oily skin without having to smear it on the hands while on the go.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB

3. Clinique Age Defense with SPF 30 BB Cream

Clinique has thoughtfully introduced a BB cream that fights signs of aging. Clinique Age Defense BB cream also has SPF 30 skin protection formula that shields your skin while you are under the sun. Made of natural ingredients, the BB cream also claims to be rich in antioxidants.

Clinique Age Defense with SPF 30 BB Cream

4. ESTEE LAUDER Clear Difference Complexion Protection BB creme

The BB cream takes the cake for offering 3 shade which includes the shade meant for dark tone. Estee Lauder BB crème is enriched with skin exfoliating salicylic acid that is quite useful to keep oily appearance of skin in check. The cream is scent free but works well on oily skin. If you continue to struggle with clogged pores in the skin, apply this BB cream beneath your foundation that will not only stop the oil secretion in the skin but also let your skin shine.

ESTEE LAUDER Clear Difference Complexion Protection BB crème

5. Garnier BB Cream Skin Perfector

You would probably rush to the stores to grab your tube of GARNIER BB CREAM SKIN PERFECTOR after reading this. For less than $10, this lightweight cream gives you oil free look and SPF 20 formula for UV protection.


6. Deborah Milano BB Cream 5in1

The BB cream is rightly called 5in1 by the manufacturer for it keeps UVA rays at bay, smoothens the skin, minimizes imperfections, acts like a moisturizer and gives matte finish to the skin to keep it oil free.


7. Ponds White Beauty BB Cream

The BB cream meant for oily also claims to have skin lightening properties as bonus. Affordably priced like any other PONDS creams, it is a good buy.


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