7 Basic Face Care Tips You Need To Follow In Winter

Basic Face Care Tips

As winter is at your thresh-hold so you must be gathering your cozy and warm clothes from your wardrobe to welcome it but have you prepared any regime for your face skin care for this winter?

Though winter brings pleasant atmosphere after the scorching heat of summer and the humid condition of monsoon but all it’s effects are not rosy as it seems. Harsh winter wind and dry environment strips off the natural moisture from your skin and makes it dry and your lips into chapped ones. To add to this dry dust, pollution, dead skin cells causes excessive dryness and you get dry, rough or flaky skin even skin irritation. But don’t fret as little changes in your face care regime can easily enable you a soft and glowing celeb like skin and you can you maximum likes on your Christmas or New Year eve photos in a jiffy. Just read on and thank us later.

Here Are The 7 Basic Face Care Tips You Need To Follow In Winter:


Cleansing is the first condition to any skin care regime for any season or any skin type. Winter is the season when your skin needs extra care and attention. Though you can reduce the number of times you clean your face from thrice to twice a day. Never use a harsh or perfume based soaps on your face in winter as they tend make your skin even dryer, instead go for a cream based face wash that not only cleanse your face properly but also retains the required moisture to it. You can also clean your face with raw cold milk to give your skin a natural treatment along with needed moisture.

Regular cleansing


Exfoliating or scrubbing is a very important part of a skin care regime as it helps to clean your clogged skin pores from impurities, pollution, extra oil and dead cells etc. But in winter, regular scrubbing is not good for the skin as it would make it dry out even can cause skin irritation. You can go for exfoliating your face once a week with a scrubbing cream or gel available for your skin type in the market. You can also go for natural scrubbing pack and to do this. You need to mix 2 tablespoon of smashed apple with 2 tablespoon of smashed ripe banana, 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoon of your regular mild scrubbing cream. Mix them properly to get the pack and then apply on your face with gentle massage in round motions for atleast 2 minutes and rinse it off.

Exfoliate your face


Toning is important in this season especially if you are facing skin aging, large skin pores or saggy skin. You can use good branded toner according to your skin type which is available in the market. Apart from this you can also skip this step to let your skin pores emit more natural oils in the drying winter.

Apply the toner


Moisturizing is the most crucial part for winter skin care regimen and it not only essential for dry or rough skin but oily and other skin types too need moisturizing especially in winter. Use moisturizer and body lotion according to your skin type. You can even massage your body with lukewarm olive or almond oil after the bath and before you hit the bed at night.

Irregular moisturizing

You Can Also Try Natural Moisturizing Face Pack To Get The Maximum Benefits:

Avocado Pack:

Highly enriched with moisturizing properties, Avocado can do wonder to your skin. Simply mash an avocado and apply on your face for at least 15 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm and see the improvement in a jiffy.

Avocado moisturizer

Butter Milk Pack:

Take some amount of fresh butter milk and add little bit of turmeric and apply it on your face for at least 10 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.



People enjoy the winter sun as it gives the needed warmth and comfort. But don’t forget it also carries the harmful ultra violet rays like UVA or UVB. Hence not only in summer but you need to protect you delicate skin from the sun in winter too. Choose a good branded SPF sunscreen and apply it 30 minutes prior you step in the sun.

Avoiding sunscreen

Lip Care:

one of the annoying winter woes is chapped or cracked lips. so choose a lip balm that is formulated with botanic ingredients like tea tree oil which is quite beneficial for cracked lips and also make sure it contains SPF 15 to provide you sun protection.

Plump Lips

Drink Adequate Water:

It’s the essential part of an any health and skin care regime. Drinking water helps to flush out the harmful toxins from the body, helps in proper functioning of the body and provide the natural moisture to your skin. In winter you should increase the intake of water than usual to combat the dry atmosphere.

Drinking Water

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