7 Base Coat Nail Polishes

Base Coat Nail Polishes

Having beautiful nails is a dream of every woman. The nail color used highlights the personality and leaves a good impression on others. The priority and preference of nail colors differ from person to person. Among the wide choice of nail colors lie the base coat nail polishes. If you don’t want to have a brightened look on your nails or want that extra color of your nail polish, base coats are the best choice. They are either plain without any color or have a tint of light color which gives a perfect smooth and glossy finish to your nails.

Here Is A List Of Some Of The Best Base Coat Nail Polishes Available In The Market:

Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base Coat:

This product gives a glossy smooth finish to your nails. The product in a rectangular bottle is completely satisfactory. It requires two strokes to cover the entire nail evenly. The brush with thick bristles provides sturdy application. This is a best choice if you are in a hurry to leave after application because it takes only 15 seconds to dry and your glossy nails are ready to make an impression.

Oriflame beauty crystal base coat

Sally Hansen Insta-grip Base Coat:

This product is made up of a fast drying formula that bonds the nail surface to strengthen the nails and protects the nails from peeling and staining. The self leveling action of the product helps in the easy application of the coat without any ridges or imperfections.

Sally Hansen insta-grip base coat

Remime London 5 In 1 Nail Treat:

The 5 in 1 action of the product ensures strong and smooth nails. The product increases the growth of the nails and protects the nails from becoming yellow and pale. In addition to protecting the nails this product also imparts a glossy look. You can just apply this product as a base coat or apply it for that glossy transparent look of your nails.

Remime London 5 in 1 nail treat

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base Coat:

This product helps in providing double protection to your nails and prevents them from staining. As a base coat this product moisturizes and hydrates the nails with the help of panthenol that saves the nails from breaking. As the name suggests, this product can be applied as a base coat and also top coat.

Sally Hansen double duty base coat

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener:

The fine and thick liquid acts as a layer between the nail and the nail color used to protect the nail from getting stained by the nail color. This product is made up of an enriched formula that enables a long lasting manicure effect. It can be applied before the application of dark colors and improves the growth of the nails.

OPI natural nail strengthener

Avon Nail Experts ‘’ Smooth Beginning”:

This product is made up of the protein and keratin infused formula that helps in protecting the nails and giving a nice glossy look to the nails. This product is not expensive and is made easily affordable for the people. In addition to protecting nails it also adds slight transparent gloss that makes the nails shine.

Avon nail experts ‘’ smooth beginning

Konad Regular Polish- Base Coat:

This product is for quick application as its quick drying formula helps in easy drying and prevents it from smudging. It also protects the nails from staining and gives a nice glossy finish that lasts long. It is easily affordable because of its less cost.

Konad regular polish- base coat

Try the above mentioned base coats and enhance the look of your nail paints.

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