7 Bangs Hairstyles For Square Faces

7 Bangs Hairstyles For Square Faces

The cheekbones in a square face are very prominent. Such faces also have an evident jaw angle. Women who have a square face should choose a suitable hairstyle that helps in hiding the width of the cheekbones and jaw line. The face has a width equal to its length giving a square shape. Bangs hairstyle looks very nice on such faces. However, be careful while selecting the type of bangs haircut that you wish to have. Straight bangs put the focus on jawline instead of hiding it. Choose the best bangs haircut with features like layers and waves that help in enhancing the beauty of the face. We will suggest some bangs hairstyles for women with a square face. Choose the best hairstyle that you like.

Following Are The 7 Bangs Hairstyles For Square Faces.

1. Ponytail With Eyebrow Skimming Bangs:

Ponytail with eyebrow skimming bangs hairstyle looks very good on a square face. Get a bangs haircut so that the hair touches the level of eyebrows. Cut the ending part of the bangs in layers. Tie the rest of the hair at the backside into a ponytail. This will help in focusing the onlooker’s attention towards the eyes. Use bold and attractive eye makeup to complete the look with this hairstyle.
Ponytail With Eyebrow Skimming Bangs

2. Long Hairstyle With Full And Textured Bangs:

Choose a long hairstyle with full and textured bangs. It suits women who have a square face. Get a bangs haircut with a textured cut in the ending part. Allow the hair to reach the level up to the eyebrows. It helps in hiding the straight line of the jaw in a square face.
Long Hairstyle With Full And Textured Bangs

3. Grown Out Tousled Bangs:

Grown Out Tousled Bangs is a beautiful and sensational hairstyle for women with a square shape. Cut grown-out bangs in long hair. Let the bangs reach the level of your jaw line. Make a center parting in the hair. Tease the hair near the crown area. It will help in elongating the square shaped face apart from adding height to the hair. Tousle the bangs. The hairstyle looks very flattering.
Grown Out Tousled Bangs

4. Short Pixie Hairstyle With Elongated Bangs:

Short pixie hairstyle with elongated bangs is a very attractive combination of a pixie haircut and bangs style. Get a short pixie haircut with very long bangs cut in the front side. Apart from a straight pixie hairstyle, you can also try making a wavy pixie and stylish elongated bangs. The hairstyle has an edgy finish and it looks great on a square face.

 Short Pixie Hairstyle With Elongated Bangs

5. Soft, Tousled Bangs:

Soft, Tousled Bangs hairstyle is suitable for a square shaped women just like the old hairstyle of Lucy Liu. Get a choppy bangs haircut. Do not make any defined parting in the hair. Tousle the hair with the help of your fingers for adding some movement in the hair. The hairstyle helps in hiding the jaw angles and while adding softness to the hair.
Soft, Tousled Bangs

6. Knotted Up’do With Blunt Bangs:

Get a Knotted Up’do With Blunt Bangs hairstyle if you have a square face. To get this look, cut blunt bangs in the hair. Give a round and blunt shape to the bangs. Tie your long hair into a knotted chignon up’do hairstyle. Make a braid in the hair along with the chignon. The bangs will help in hiding the forehead.
 Knotted Up’do With Blunt Bangs

7. Long Side Bangs:

Long side bangs hairstyle is an ideal choice for square faced women. Cut long bangs in the hair turned towards the side either left or right side. Let the bangs sweep the forehead in a curved shape. Fix a round brush on the hair dryer and use it to style the hair. This will help in correcting and hiding the sharp jaw angle.
Long Side Bangs