7 Awesome Long Hairstyles For Round Faces


7 Awesome Long Hairstyles For Round Faces

A perfect hairstyle to suit a round face cut is indeed difficult, but things get better when the actresses show the light. With the likes of Miranda Kerr and Sarah Hyland, everyone has been seen flaunting hairdo’s which looked stunning on their round faces!

Some Of The Stunning Long Hairstyles For Round Faces Are Discussed Below:

1. The High Ponytail

Actress Miranda Kerr has been often seen to flaunt her long and lovely manes in a high ponytail which accentuates her round face cut to a great extent. Taking the cue from there, one of the best hair style which can make a round face look all the more defined and beautiful is the high ponytailed look which can be easily replicated without much adieu. To get this, one needs to apply a volumizing mousse on the tresses and then pull them into a high pony. The next step is to add volume and thickness to the mane with the help of a thick curling wand and once all is done touching up with a light hairspray does the trick!

The high ponytail

2. A Braided Bun With A Head Band

A textured hairstyle often has been seen to accentuate the look of a person with a round and fuller face cut and the same is applicable for Kirsten Dunst who has been seen sporting a braided bun look teamed up with a head band on it to give a lot of definition to her round face. This style can be replicated by creating a braided bun on the top of the head and adding a matching head band to go with the attire!

A braided bun with a head band

3. Red Curls With Bangs

Curly hairs had been a girl’s best friend since time immemorial and it further accentuates the face if the person has a round face cut! A long curly mane added with a dash of lovely red and long bangs all over the face actually helps in elongating the face and slims down the round feature, something that actress Drew Barrymore taught us in the past!

Red curls with bangs

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4. Crown Braid Hairdo

The crown braid hairdo is a classic example of doing the styling perfectly for a round face as it is clear defines and sleek all put together. This hair style brought into the limelight by the beautiful American actress Hayden Panettiere is a prime example of class and great choice of hair style. However, care should be taken that the finish of the hairdo should be smooth else the look may get marred badly.

Crown braid hairdo

5. Long Side Swept Wavy Hair Look

This hair style is simply a great way to show off great manes in any occasion where the hairs need to be managed using a good hair spray and kept in a side way manner while the steps and the bangs fall into one side of the shoulder! This look had been well executed to perfection by actress Mila Kunis at the premiere of the movie Jupiter Ascending!

Long side swept wavy hair look

6. Sleek Straight Hair Look

A poker straight hair looks amazing on a round face which can be executed by ironing the hairs well and then putting them into a off center parting as well! This hairstyle helps in giving the round face cut an elongated look by not focusing on the cheeks and the chin region!

Sleek straight hair look

7. The 60’s Pony Look

This one is a bit tough to digest but a long ponytail look with face-framing bang actually helps in streamlining a chubby and round face and gives it a elongated perception! This great look had been used by the actress Sara Hyland whose upper cheekbones got the attention instead of her round face cut in here and is a great one to carry in any occasion!

The 60’s Pony Look

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