7 Awesome Henna Designs On The Soles Of Your Feet

On The Soles Of Your Feet

Henna is an important part of Indian culture especially during celebrations. The henna designs are the most customary thing that one can witness on the hands of women attendees as it is considered to be auspicious. Henna on palms and feet is quite common, but what about on the sole of the feet? Well, this latest trend is soon catching up. A beautiful design on the sole will make the feet gorgeous, elegant and chic. If you are still not convinced with the idea, have a look at the designs below, we are sure you will love these and will get ready to show off your feet with a stunning henna design on the next occasion.

Awesome Henna designs for the Soles of Your Feet

1. Rose Pattern

Roses are girls’ best friend. There is no girl who dislikes a rose so why not make this flower the highlight of the henna design? Sounds cool right! Create a design with rose as the focal point. Decorate the rose with leaves and small floral patterns. To keep the design simple and uncluttered, cover the rest of the sole with floral dots and checker board pattern.

Rose Pattern

2. Mesh Design

A mesh like pattern is not something new in henna designs. Almost all traditional and modern henna designs have a bit of the netting art involved. The latest trend now is henna designs with delicate mesh design along with the borders. Covering the entire sole with the netted work will look unique and awesome. Just highlight the crossing points with a big sized dot to make the pattern stunning. A curved border would be perfect to complete the design.

Mesh Design

3. Big Flowers

Though floral patterns are an integral part of henna designs since ages, the artistic Arabic designs have made them even more popular and most loved patterns. If your want floral patterns that are not too intricate, then simply go for two big flowers decorated with artistic leaves. Leaf designs on the thumb add the perfect finishing touch to the design.

Big Flowers

4. Peacock Design

Peacock symbolizes beauty, so drawing a pattern symbolizing the bird would make the design attractive and appealing. Moreover, incorporating a peacock pattern in henna designs is quite common. An intricate peacock pattern on the inner side followed by curved and lined patterns in an angular manner will make your sole look elegant.

Peacock Design

5. Asymmetrical Designs

Asymmetrical designs are distinctive and grab everyone’s attention in no time. If you want to make a statement with your henna design, then go for this unconventional asymmetrical design. Creating two different patterns on the sole of each foot, which looks completely dissimilar still related in through the theme like this, one would look fun and fabulous.

Asymmetrical Designs

6. Floral Borders

Floral designs are the foundation of henna art. This simple floral design on the sole of your feet is indeed a stunner. It is simple, neat and not messy at all. If you do not want full sole design then go for this floral pattern that is very feminine. The motifs are along the edge of the soles and the middle part is left completely blank. The flowers and leaves are filled with intricate weaves, which makes it more attractive.

Floral Borders

7. Tendril Design

The entire sole of the feet is covered with simple, but beautiful design, which is sure to win you good compliments. A large circle filled completely with henna is the highlight of this design. The circle is surrounded by simple and pretty tendril pattern that makes it quite unique.

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