7 Attractive Barcode Tattoo Designs

Attractive Barcode Tattoo Designs

There are two types of tattoos – permanent or temporary. Barcode tattoos are of permanent types. These tattoos are made with the type of ink whose colour is permanent and lasts long. The process of drawing these tattoos is by drawing the design on the body part with the help of a pen like tool. The ink from the tool gets injected deep into the skin layers. If one wishes to remove it then one has to go through surgical procedure. Barcode tattoos are a sort of symbolic tattoos which are getting popular among the youth.

With a range of specially designed tattoos one can choose a tattoo which defines their personality and traits in best possible way. A barcode is a type of data that is shown in the form of parallel lines having different spacing in between them. Unlike advanced three dimensional tattoos, these tattoos are purely one dimensional. The information carried by these tattoos can be conveniently read by a special reading machine called as an optical reader. In this article we will talk about seven barcode tattoos designs.

Here Are The 7 Attractive Barcode Tattoo Designs:

Slaves To Retail Barcode Tattoo

In this barcode tattoo design there is a message “SLAVE” written in capital letters at the end. This message conveys the feeling of being slave to retail industry. The colour of the ink used to make this tattoo is black. This tattoo is very bold and loud which gives a person an opportunity to put their opinions clearly in front of everyone. You can get this sarcastic tattoo on your arms.

Slaves to retail Barcode Tattoo

Expression Of Belongingness In Barcode Design

If you want to express your feeling of belongingness towards your parents, friends, spouse and close ones you can get this tattoo imprinted on your body. This tattoo is also meant for couples to celebrate their anniversary in a unique and memorable way. This tattoo is made by inscription of a lovely message “I Belong to You” with the name of the person whom they feel affectionate and close to heart.

Expression of belongingness in barcode design

Freedom In Barcode Tattoo Design

Everyone wants freedom and it is the innate desire in the hearts of people. Many battles are fought to gain freedom and independence. How about showing that you are a lover of freedom in the form of barcode tattoo? With the help of white and black thin non uniform stripes with a space in between which feels like has been made due to someone punching their fist in the design. At the bottom of the design, you would find the message “FREEDOM” in bold letters.

Freedom in Barcode Tattoo Design

Lines Turning Into Grass Tattoo

Made with black ink, this tattoo demonstrates a common barcode design with thin and thick stripes picked up using an optical scanner. The upper region of the tattoo is open with the lines rising up and forming curls to take the shape of grass.

Lines turning into grass Tattoo

Bold And Black Strips Barcode Tattoo

This tattoo design is in plain black and white colours which give you a message of “So Not Right”. This message tells about the injustice prevailing in the society and that needs attention of the public. A person wearing this loud and bold tattoo wants to stand apart and ahead of others to take charge of the whole situation. Wear this tattoo on a clear head.

Bold and black strips Barcode Tattoo

Country Description Of An Object In Barcode Design

This is a tattoo which denotes pride of the nation. The design comprises of a stamp that denotes an object as “Made in” and followed by the name of the country.

Country description of an object in Barcode Design

Symbolising Humanity With Barcode

This tattoo is a way to express humanness which we all are bestowed with since our birth. Writing “Human” in the form of barcode style with black ink shows that one needs to preserve humanness in spite of all the cruelties and injustice prevailing in the society.

Symbolising Humanity with Barcode

Choose one of the ideas that express you in the best way. Wear these exciting tattoos and flaunt your style among everyone!

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