7 Artistic Nail Art Of Lady Gaga

Artistic Nail Art Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is as famous at the music circle as for being a songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, actress, dancer, businesswoman, activist as well as a philanthropist! Her sense of style in every aspect is different and thus she manages to come up with nail art designs no one can ever think of as well.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Lady Gaga’s Nail Art Designs Which Are Sure To Amaze:

Punk Studded Nail Art

This nail style is also known as the “Born This Way” nails and it signifies the crazy yet glamorous style of the singer, Lady Gaga herself! This nail art is made up of a fully black base along with a speck of red with the use of metal studs and crystals on them! This nail art she sported had an almond shaped tip which her stylist made sure of and everything on the nails were sealed in with a top coat of course!

Punk studded nail art

Pretty Bow French Manicure

Sported in various occasions in the bow French manicure of various colors, Lady Gaga showed her feminine side with this amazing yet chic nail art design. To achieve this look, one needs to paint the nails first and then stick 3D bows to them or one can also create the bows with the use of rhinestones or just press them under the white tip of the manicure technique. The last part is sealing the entire thing with a top transparent coat!

Pretty bow French manicure

Sober Beige Nail Art

This sober look can be achieved by getting extra long nails and then the first step being painting the nails in either the beige hue or any other nude shade. After this, one needs to take a dark color and create triangle shapes at the base of the nails. Any shape one’s nails are in, this nail art is sure to stand out in the crowd.

Sober beige nail art

Bold And Black Nail Art

A very famous nail art from the video of “poker face”, Lady Gaga sported this bold and black nail art which one is like her pretty eccentric to be exact. To create this look, one needs to paint the nails in black and then start adding rhinestones onto them. In the pointer finger, making hearts using seed beads and outlining them with silver rhinestones while not forgetting to seal the entire do with a top layer coat does the trick in minutes!

Bold and black nail art

Strong And Long Nail Art

These are the minx nails that Lady Gaga had been seen sporting which actually means wearing a solid film added with heat activated backing on the nails! These minxes have longevity of a week and given proper care may last longer than that too! The minx coated nails are mainly used to keep the nails away from early breakage and allows one to design them more!

Strong and long nail art

Face Print Nail Art

Lady Gaga has never failed to amaze with her amazingly different sense of style which also replicates in her nail art designs too! This one indicates a design where this singer sports her face print on her nails. If one is good at free hand painting, recreating this look would not be that tough, but in case one si not so hands-on with painting the other way is easier. This can be achieved by resizing a picture and then printing it on a water slide paper and then by using those pictures as water decals. Face print nail art achieved in minutes!

Face print nail art

Razor Sharp Chains Nail Art

A nail art look that the singer Lady Gaga sported in her “Judas” video, this one shows her eccentric side once more when she has paired her black and red hued long nails with chain attachments at the tip region! Difficult but not unachievable to attain!

Razor sharp chains nail art

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