7 Après Beach Products You Need This Summer

Every season has its own charecteristics and pleasures to offer. As there are positive sides to seasons they have their own flip sides also. While winter plays violently on the skin that is not taken proper care, summer takes its own share of toll too. Summer is the time people go in for beaches to tan themselves and to experience loads of fun. We tend to take care of ourselves so much pre-summer beach visits to present ourselves in an attractive manner in the beach. However, there is a time when you have to take more care of your skin and body as a whole and that is post beach visit during summer. People need to make their tan last long using cool-down lotions and search for a shampoo which would help them get rid of the sand and salt we bring home after every beach visit.

Here Are 7 Après Beach Products You Need This Summer

1. Glytone

The flipside of getting overly exposed to heat, sun, sand and salt water makes the skin vulnerable to acne. Glytone by being gentle on the skin working effectively on the acne rapidly driving them away from the skin post summer beach visits. Glytone can be applied all over the body and does not do any harm to any part of the body


2. Cleansers

Cleansers play a significant role to provide relief from skin pores that get clogged due to exposure to sun and sweat in addition to excess oil produced in the skin. Use cleansers that exfoliate and clarify your skin tone renewing and rejuvenating them through thorough cleansing. You can use Acne body wash which can act as a protecting shield to your complete body after a summer beach visit


3. Coolant

Exposure to beach sun and heat causes so much of burn on the skin that a cooling agent like Aloevera must be used to treat the same. Aloevera through its soothing tendency treats the burns caused due to summer beach visits giving the skin back its moisture content while making the skin soft.


4. Exfoliator

While healing the sun burnt dry skin is the first step to protect the skin, healed skin also requires equal amount of attention. Once the skin gets healed with the use of cleansers, Aloevera and Glytone, ensure to use an exfoliator that may be gentle on your skin removing impurities accumulated in the skin and dead skin cells.


5. Moisturiser

Repairing dry skin caused due to exposure to sun and heat after summer beach visits is the most important step to retain the skin in a healthy condition. Treating the sun burns that are old in nature is hard since they would have discolored the skin making it blotchy. After taking bath using a body wash gentle on the skin, apply high quality moisturiser without any delay within three minutes so discoloring and blotchiness doesn’t happen


6. Sunscreen Lotion

After initiation of skin maintenance, saving the skin from more damage is important. Use sunscreen lotions available for the purpose regularly. Do not forget to include your hands and face while applying sunscreen lotion

Sunscreen Lotion

7. Anti Pigmentation Lotions

Regularly start using SPF 30 to avoid hyper pigmentation. Go in for Rice extracts rather than Hydroquinone or Kojic acid which sensitizes skin causing more damage to the pigmentation issue. Hydroquinone makes the skin bluish and sometimes even white which is nothing but aggravated pigmentation

Anti Pigmentation Lotions

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