7 Amazing Tips For Making Lipstick Last Long

Making Lipstick Last Long

Lipstick makes the lips pretty and gorgeous. It highlights the overall facial features. Hence, it is one of the highly popular fashion accessories. It enhances your appearance. It boosts your self-confidence not only just in your workplace but also in the general life. But, most of us face the problem with the application of the lipstick. The general problem with the lipsticks is that they do not last for longer period. With eating, drinking, lip licking, and talking, there is no surprise that lipstick hardly lasts for longer period of time. If lipstick lasts a bit longer, it loses its radiance effect. Because of this reason, many women are not able to enjoy the application of the lipstick. However, you can make your lipstick to stay a little more amount of time without losing its radiance effect by following the below amazing tips.

7 Amazing Tips For Making Lipstick Last Long

1. Cleanse:

Before applying lipstick, you must thoroughly cleanse your lips. This is one of the important steps in making your lipstick stay longer on your lips. Any oil or grease from food or greasy moisturizer from the face does not let the lipstick to get adhered on your lips. Hence, wash the lips perfectly before the application of the lipstick. And be sure that your lips are oil free for applying lipstick.


2. Right Shade:

If you strongly desire to enjoy the long lasting lipstick, then always prefer to apply the darker color lipsticks. The darker hues hold more pigment. Hence, they maintain their hue for a longer period of time. Therefore, there will not be a problem of getting color rubbed off while you eat and drink.

Right Shade

3. Lip Balm:

Lip balm makes the lips flake free and smooth. Because of this reason, many women prefer to apply lip balm daily. But, most of us ignore applying lip balm before applying lipstick. Apply lip balm before applying lipstick. This is because; your lips absorb the lipstick because of which your lipstick cannot last longer. Lip balm eliminates this problem by hydrating your lips. In such a way, lip balm also plays an important role in making your lipstick to stay bit longer. Hence, apply lip balm ten minutes prior to application of lipstick.

Lip Balm

4. Lipstick Primer:

Making use of the lipstick primer is the fundamental rule to be followed if you really desire to have a long lasting lipstick. Lipstick primer provides the smooth base to which you can apply the lipstick. The waxy texture of the lipstick primer helps in making lipsticks stay for longer period.

Lipstick Primer

5. Apply Twice:

Whenever you apply the lipstick, always apply once, and then blot with the help of the tissue paper. After that, apply the second coat. Although this process appears to be a time-consuming process, it makes you notice the big difference. This process is very effective in making your color appear more bright and glowing.

Apply Twice

6. Apply Powder:

Application of powder on the lips is one of the crucial steps for making your lipstick to stay longer. After applying the lipstick, dust your lips with some translucent and fine powder. For this, you need to firstly place the single ply tissue on the lips. After that, apply some powder. This method works wonder in setting your lipstick properly. It also helps in keeping your color appear ideal for hours.

Apply Powder

7. Say ‘NO’ To Lip Gloss:

Undoubtedly, a lip gloss offers wonderful and shiny color to the lips. And it looks great on the lipstick. But, the application of this product should be skipped after applying the lipstick. This is because; lip glosses hold oils and various other ingredients that break up the lip color. Thus, it weakens the efficiency of the lipstick. Hence, if you want your lipstick to stay a longer time, then you need to say no to the lip gloss.

Say ‘NO’ To Lip Gloss

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