7 Amazing Short Hairstyles For A Long Face

Do you have a long face and you are planning to cut your hair short? Or you have short hair but you need a good haircut according to your face cut. Short hair reminds us of strong and independent women who have nothing to fear. There are certain haircuts which suit long faces and some that do not. You can get a short hairstyle without any fear! It will surely suit you as you have a thin and long face. We have listed the 7 Amazing Short Hairstyles for a long face for you. Take a look – we are sure you will love each and every style.

Here Are The 7 Amazing Short Hairstyles For A Long Face

1. Straight Pixie

The straight pixie is very chic and it looks really good on long faces. If you are the bold kinds, you should get the pixie haircut. This will look good on straight hair. Ask your hairstylist to give you a short pixie haircut and then straighten your hair. In case you have straight hair already, you need not straighten your hair. It is ideal for any occasion and it gives a very clean look.


Straight Pixie

2. Long Angled Bob Haircut

The long angled bob haircut will go really well on women who are doing a job in the corporate world. This is such a chic look. It reflects the kind of woman you are – independent and feminine. We absolutely love this look because it is angled and it highlights your pretty face. You can color your hair blonde and get this haircut. It will look so corporate and amazing.

Long Angled Bob Haircut

3. Bob With Side Swept Bangs

A bob with a side swept bang will look really good on a long face. It will add some volume to your hair from the top. It will fall on your face making your face look softer, more feminine and also, less sharper. You need to tone down the look you get with a long face. Side swept bangs on a bob look very stylish and good looking.

Bob With Side Swept Bangs

4. Blunt Short Bob

The blunt short bob looks very retro. We feel you should go for a blunt short bob because it looks nice and chic. Again, this would add volume to your hair. This look goes really well on long faces. This will make you stand out of the crowd. Do not worry too much about how an outfit will look on you. This is a strong and independent woman haircut which will go with every attire!

Blunt Short Bob

5. Long Pixie Haircut

The long pixie haircut is long from the front. It falls on your face and gives you a very hip and chic look. You can get this haircut easily. It is not as bold as a Mohawk but it is definitely IN the trend. If you have long and straight hair, ask your hairstylist to keep your hair long from the front at one side and chop off the rest of your hair. This is a brilliant variation of the pixie haircut.

Long Pixie Haircut

6. Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk is so much in these days. It is not for the delicate girls. If you are bold and can do without your hair – this is an awesome look. It requires you to shave off your hair from the sides. This was a popular haircut for men but these days, women have embraced it too. If you are a rock and roll girl, you can rock this look too. Some women do not shave their side hair and just make a Mohawk hairstyle by using hair serum to get their side hair into the center.

Mohawk Haircut

7. Short Wavy Haircut

The short wavy haircut looks very cute. It adds volume to your hair. When you have a long face, you need some volume in your hair which only a short wavy haircut will be able to give. Also, it gives a very soft and feminine look to your face. We think that this is a very romantic haircut. You can use hairspray to hold your hair for the entire day. Make a side parting for a nice soft look.

Short Wavy Haircut

See! You can do so much with your hair on your long face. Just choose the best hairstyle for yourself which will go really well on your face cut. Long faces can carry off any short hairstyle so well. So, go for the best and make sure you dress up smart and like a strong woman.

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