7 Amazing Bat Tattoo Designs For Women

Bat Tattoo Designs For Women

Animal tattoos cover bird tattoos also. Fashion conscious women are attracted to bird tattoos for beauty and a sense of living freely. While it can fly with the help of wings but a bat is not a bird. It is a mammal and it does not have any beauty like a colorful bird. Still  bat tattoos are hugely popular among women now a day.

Meaning Of A Bat Tattoo

A bat is a nocturnal creature which is only seen during the night. A bat rests during the day. This habit of bat has given it bad name and association with tales of vampires. But in ancient cultures around the world a bat was associated with positive meanings. In China a bat stood for prosperity and good luck. In ancient Greece  a reference to bat was drawn with goddess Diana who symbolized fertility, virginity and motherhood. People used to associate the habit of bat hanging upside down from tree with a child in the mother’s womb. Besides bats do good to the society by eating mosquito. Some developing countries around the world bats are harvested to kill mosquito. But it is also heard that some small bats have the habit of drinking blood from cattle.This has made a bat a somewhat mysterious creature. Generally a bat tattoo stands for good fortune and luck, prosperity, motherhood, virginity, fertility, mystery and agility to hunt in darkness.

Places In The Body Where A Bat Tattoo Can Be Made: A bat tattoo can be done in places like back, hands, side of the body, lower abdomen and in legs.

Here Are 7 Amazing Bat Tattoo Designs For Women:

1. Flying Bat Tattoo Designs

Women who have attractive back can do a flying bat tattoo in the back. There are several such designs available. The wearer should choose the size.

Flying Bat Tattoo Designs

2. Bat Head Tattoos

Bats are not very good looking creatures, still a woman can have a bat face or head tattoo in the body.

Bat Head Tattoos

3. Group Of Bats Flying Tattoo Designs

Interesting bat tattoo designs have more than one bat flying together. This design looks good in the body. It stands for unity also.

Group Of Bats Flying Tattoo Designs

4. Tribal Bat Tattoos

Simple tribal  designs have terrific bat tattoo images. Women who like simple but artistic tattoos in the body should choose a tribal bat without any hesitation.

Tribal Bat Tattoos

5. Upside Down Bat Tattoo Designs

It is already told that upside down bat images stand for child in mother’s womb. Such interesting bat tattoos are available in the tattoo market.

Upside Down Bat Tattoo Designs

6. Bat Girl Or Bat Man Tattoos

Lovers of comic books or comic characters can have tattoo designs that follow Bat girl or bat man comic book characters. These are actually human beings in costumes which are designed with features of a bat.

Bat Girl Or Bat Man Tattoos

7. Vampire Tattoo Designs

Like it or not, despite positive meanings a bat will always be connected with tales of vampires. That is why fans of vampire tales or classic horror novel Dracula can go for a blood thirsty vampire tattoo in the body. But a woman who wants to wear a bat tattoo for positive meaning should think before having a vampire tattoo in the body.

Vampire Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a bat tattoo in your body, choose carefully from the list given here.

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