7 Abstract Nail Art Ideas

Nail arts are immensely famous and trendy. The days are gone when girls used to apply those single shades of nail paints. The girls now love to experiment with different styles and colors of the nail paints. There are new and fresh trends for nail arts which make the nail look so adorable and dramatic. There are various categories in the nail arts which are so trendy and stylish. One of these categories is the abstract nail arts. Abstract nail arts are so adorable and beautiful which would take your breath away. For all type of occasions, there are numerous designs and shades available. Teenagers specially love to experiment with different colors and patterns and rock the look.

Here Are Some Mind Blowing Abstract Nail Art Ideas You Can Consider This Season

1. Multicolored Heart Design

This amazing and pretty nail art style is so classy and trendy. The beautiful multicolored vertical straps look beautiful. This amazing nail art is specially designed for the teenagers. The girls would love this pretty and feminine pattern. The pretty and gorgeous heart in the centre is like a cherry on the top which makes the entire nail art more glorious.

Multicolored Heart Design

2. Beautiful Green Abstract Nail Art

This is an example of a stunning masterpiece design. The beautiful green shade looks so unique and trendy. The perfectly crafted white floral designs are the show stealers. If you love bicolor nail arts with beautiful and antique designs, try this stunning nail art design this season.

Beautiful Green Abstract Nail Art

3. Textured Abstract Nail Art

This gorgeous textured nail art is a pretty version of abstract nail art designs. The best part of this design is that you can use multiple colors and shapes and make the nail look vibrant and traditional. This amazing abstract nail art pattern with different shapes and random colors looks absolutely trendy and stylish.

Textured Abstract Nail Art

4. Geometric Designs

Who does not love such glorious geometric designs on the perfectly groomed nails? If you have perfectly shaped and groomed nails, the geometric shapes and designs would look marvelous on your nails. This pattern does not need any expertise and anybody can get this look by drawing and filling random shapes with different colors. Get this flawless style and look absolutely unique and fashionable.

Geometric Designs

5. Multicolor Spiral Designs

Multicolor designs have a different and unique charm Complemented along with the beautiful spiral designs; this would enrich the entire look of the nail art. If you have long and absolutely stunning nails, this amazing abstract design would perfectly glorify your pretty nails. Try this youthful and glamorous variation of abstract nail art ideas and let your nails be the centre of attraction.

Multicolor Spiral Designs

6. Beautiful Graphic Designs

Graphic designs are classy and elegant. Especially when combined with the gorgeous white, dark purple and lavender colors, these nail art ideas look absolutely stunning. If you love graphic designs, try this amazing and sophisticated nail art design this season. The beautiful shape and texture of this nail art is so adorable. The dark purple shade and the beautiful and classy white color enhances the look of the graphic design in an adorable manner.

Beautiful Graphic Designs

7. Shaded Orange Nail Art

Abstract design also uses bicolor and shaded nail arts. If you love shaded nail arts, try this fresh and unique combination of yellow and orange nail colors. This is such a gorgeous and trendy nail art style which you can carry at various events.

Shaded Orange Nail Art

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