6 Yoga Poses That You Can Do On Beach

Soft white sand, turquoise blue waters, sunny morning, beautiful views, and serene environment, why not take some time to do yoga in such mesmerizing surroundings. This will keep both your mind and body healthy. Beach yoga is very much enjoyable, especially during summer. Do not worry, if you have not tried it before. Try the poses mentioned below and feel free to add more poses that suit your needs.

Here Are 6 Yoga Poses That You Can Do On Beach

1. Hero Pose 

Sit on your heels with toes pointed towards back and inner ankles drawn in. Push your navel in and lengthen your tail bone. Extend your spine and torso. Keep your head straight and stare forward. Position your hands on your thighs and stay in this position for 10 breaths or even longer if you feel comfortable. You can make a mound out of the beach sand to support the back and raise your hips when you do the asana.

Hero Pose

2. Camel Pose 

Kneel down and position your hands on hips. The sole of the feet should face the sky and knees should be made parallel to shoulders. Breathe in and pull the tail bone towards the pubis and bend your back to touch your feet with arms. Make sure your elbows are straight when you touch your feet. Neck should be held in neutral position. Hold this posture for 5 breaths. Breathe out and return to original position.

Camel Pose

3. Downward Facing Dog Pose 

Begin with the table pose. Lift your hips by straightening your elbows and knees. Now you will be in a reversed V-shape. Your feet should be placed hip width apart and hands should be placed shoulder width apart. Press your palms against the ground to widen your shoulder blades and keep your neck lengthened. Hold this posture and breathe deeply. Try to see your navel and breathe out. Return to original position.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

4. Triangle Pose 

Stand straight with feet three to four feet apart and arms stretched at shoulder level. Your arms should be parallel to the floor. Breathe in and drop your right arm towards the right foot. The left hand should be extended vertically and trunk should be twisted anticlockwise, so that the spine is parallel to the floor. Turn your head towards the left thumb and try to touch the ground using your right arm. Stay in this pose for 5 breaths, relax and repeat the same with your left hand.

Triangle Pose

5. Low Lunge Pose 

Start with downward facing dog posture. As you breathe out, put your right foot in the front next to your right thumb. Your right knee should be brought in line with your right ankle. Bring your left feet below and position it behind the hip. Breathe in and lift your upper body. Raise your hand above your head. Breathe out and push your hip forward so that you sense a stretch in the left leg. Lengthen your back and push the tailbone down. Bring your hands backwards with elbows straight and bend backwards mildly. Stay in this position for 5 breaths, relax and do the same with left leg forward.

Low Lunge Pose

6. Monkey Pose 

The sand surface is great to practice this pose. The sliding of feet back and forward could be done simultaneously. A mound can be created using sand to support your legs and sit bones. Kneel down with the thighs at right angles to the ground. Lower your hands in front of the knees. Bring your right leg out in front with the heel touching the floor. Slide your right foot forward. While keeping your right leg straight, bring your left leg behind you gradually. Hold the posture for 5 – 10 breaths.

Monkey Pose

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