6 Yoga Asana To Get The Toned Buttocks


All women want a perfect toned body, if their lower part is toned and in shape then they have the confident, improper work routine, fast food, laziness will give you extra weight to the lower body, also heavy buttocks have extra fat stored in it and you need to cut that fat and in order to it you do the dieting, but there are many asana for the women to lift up their buttock and get it in shape, here is list of the some of the asana for you, but you need to take guidance of an expert in yoga.

1. Salabhasana:

This is known to be locust post, this will give you toned buttock and also reduce the weight of buttock area, for this you need to have good metabolism rate, this asana improves the digestion power and don’t form the fat inside the body, also it maintains a proper blood flow to the body, in this asana your whole lower body is in tension and the weight is reduced from that area easily, you need to lay on the ground with the stomach side down to the floor, now gaze straight by slightly bend your head towards the ceiling, now raise your lower part and upper part so that the whole body has the arc shape, stomach should touch the ground, hold the position for about the 30 seconds and then come back to the rest position.


2. Purvottarasana:

This is known to be an upward plank pose, in this you need to lay on the ground, now raise your body with the help of the hands and make sure that the hands should be straight, back should be straight also and the whole body should have arc shape, the legs with have an angle of the 45 degree, stretch your body as maximum as you can, this will remove the fat of the side of the buttocks and it will look in shape, do this exercise early in the morning with the empty stomach, this is slightly hard asana so you need to take the guidance of any expert while performing this asana.


3. Anjaneyasana:

This is known as crescent post in which you need to make the shape of the body like a half moon, in this asana the whole body is in stress and the fat is dissolved immediately, for this pose you need to stand straight, now forward your one away from the body bend with the elbow keeping your other leg straight, now raise your hand to the up and then bend your back and make a arc, try to bend as much as possible, now change the side and repeat the exercise with the other leg, you  should maintain a constant breathe while performing this asana.


4. Ardha Chandrasana:

This is the best exercise for the calf muscles and also give pressure to the butt area, after performing this exercise regularly you can easily tone your body, for this you need to place your legs with 2 feet apart, now raise your hand, try to touch left foot with the left leg, now raise the right hand to the upside and bend your body, then raise your right leg as much as you can, now change the side and do the asana, do this asana with empty stomach.

Ardha Chandrasana

5. Natrajasana:

This is the most advance asana and the results are also, pretty impressive in this you need to use you both legs and the total impact is on to each buttock and proper dieting you can get the toned buttock, so you need to stand straight, now raise you hand towards the ceiling and bend it backward, bend your leg by slightly bending the body, hold the feet with the hands, now slowly keep your hand straight without bending the elbow, hold the position for about the 30 seconds and then change the side, it is good to take help of an expert.


6. Setu Bandhasana:

This is a good exercise for the toned buttock, in this the whole impact is on the buttock area and also give you a flat tummy, all you need to lay on the ground, now bend your knees, place your hands to the buttock, now slightly move the hands to the buttock, push it so that the whole body gets lifted up, now tie your hands, lower the body as much as you can by giving pressure to the buttock, squeeze your buttock this will remove the fat around the buttock area and also lift it up slightly to get a nice shape, hold the position for about the 20 seconds.

Setu Bandhasana

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