6 Ways To Use Cornstarch In Your Beauty Routine

Corn starch; rings a bell in your head right? Yes that white powdery substance which is a ready ingredient in every Indian kitchen and is widely used in preparing an array of dishes. Yes, we are indeed talking about that very substance which is not only great when used in food preparations but also when incorporated into your dally beauty routine as well. Surprised? Let us take you the various ways that you can include corn starch in your beauty routine and the benefits of it as well.

Some Of Them Are Discussed Below

1. For Deep Cleansing

In case you are unaware of this fact, corn starch is indeed a great cleanser of sorts and can be used as a cleansing powder by taking it simply and massaging the skin for about 5 minutes. Rinsing off the same with lukewarm water does a world of good.

For Deep Cleansing

2. Used To Absorb Oil From Skin

For women the final touch up after the make-up is of extreme importance and it is just here that corn starch comes into the scene where it can pose as a great touch up agent. Corn starch not only help absorb the extra oil after the makeup application but also helps to set the makeup on the skin well too.

Used To Absorb Oil From Skin

3. Absorbs Sweat From Shoes

It is but seriously a crime to carry a stinky and sweaty foot all around and which is the root cause of embarrassment as well. Thus, in case you are one of the people suffering from this woe, corn starch is here to make your life simpler where application of corn starch on the shoes as well as under the soles of the feet help absorb the sweat and thus gets rid of the stink in the long run.


4. A Great Scented Body Powder

Corn starch can also be used as a scented body powder of sorts where it can be used as a ready alternative to perfumes. To make this you would need to take some corn starch and add some essential oil into the same and then apply it on the under arms. This would not only keep you sweat free but also keep you smelling great too!

Scented Body Powder

5. Usage As A Dry Shampoo

While you are on the go and travelling, shampooing the manes regularly becomes a challenge and this is where corn starch comes into the picture where it can simply be used as a natural dry shampoo. Just a rough application of raw corn starch on the hairs and a rough combing and your hairs are no longer sticky and scalp itchy!

Dry Shampoo

6. As A Mattifying Agent To Lipsticks

In case you are stuck with glossy and shiny lipsticks and want to get an instant matte look instead and in no time, try using the benefits of corn starch which when applied on glossy lipsticks works wonders in mattifying the overall effect.


Application of corn starch in the area discourages fungi from growing in as well as keeps the area dry and perspiring free too.

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