6 Ways To Get Gorgeous Mane While You Sleep

Every girl wishes to start her mornings with bouncy and free flowing tresses without a single hair getting out of place. Achieving beautiful and full bodied tresses is a time consuming process and moreover it gets difficult to set some time apart every single day of the week to pay attention to our hair. But what if we tell you that by following some steps before your sleep time you can wake up to beautiful dreamy locks in the morning! It will surely turn out to be the best beauty sleep.

Here Are 6 Ways To Get Gorgeous Mane While You Sleep

1. French Braiding

Tying your hair into a french braid and sleeping in it will give you beachy mermaid style hair when you wake up in the morning. Before you proceed with braiding your hair detangle them and spritz on some water. Run a wet comb through your hair and finally begin tying them into a loose french braid. You can even experiment by parting your hair in the middle and make two french braids on both sides instead of a single braid. Snooze and untie the braids in the morning. Comb your hair well and be ready to impress with your lovely mermaid-ish tresses.

French Braiding

2. Silk Pillowcase 

To retain your beautiful curls and combat frizz that results after you wake up in the morning try replacing your regular pillow cover with a silk one or better still wrap your hair in a silk scarf. If you have really delicate curls and dry hair gently massage your hair with a few drops of argan or coconut oil using your fingertips. Then wrap the scarf around your head along the hairline to keep your curly mane in place.

Silk Pillowcase

3. Bun Curls

This is a hopelessly easy way to achieve wavy hair by wrapping your hair around a hair scrunchie. For this brush your hair well and make a loose ponytail using a hair scrunchy at the top of your head. Divide the ponytail into two sections. Wrap one section of the ponytail around the scrunchie and secure the ends by poking a hairpin under the scrunchie. Repeat with the other hair section by wrapping it in the opposite direction to the first section of hair. Untie the bun in the morning to get those glorious waves on your hair.

Bun Curls

4. Overnight Hair Mask

You can make use of your sleep time to heal and repair those dry and limp locks by wrapping your hair in a nourishing hair mask. Mix equal parts of honey and olive oil in a small bowl and apply this mixture onto your hair and scalp. You can even add an egg yolk to this mask to get bouncy hair. Cover your hair with a headscarf or a shower cap and snooze. Clean your hair in the morning with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo to get rid of the eggy odour. Let your hair dry and comb well to flaunt your super glossy mane.


5. Ponytail Curls

This style works best on shoulder to medium length hair. All you do here is tie your hair into a loose ponytail at the top of your head. Gently wet the ponytail hair with a wet comb and divide the hair into six to eight sections depending on the density of hair. Roll each section up with a hair roller. Repeat with the other sections and cover the ponytail with an old sock to help the rollers stay in place. Begin untying your hair in the morning and be amazed to see those beautiful roundels in your hair.

Ponytail Curls

6. Twisted Top Knot

If your hair lacks volume you can easily achieve it using the twisted top knot. Brush your hair really well to remove any tangles. Spray some water onto your hair and comb it with a wide tooth comb. Now gather your hair at the crown area like you do while making a ponytail. Start twisting the hair at the top of the crown untill all of the hair is twisted into loose bun. Secure with a banana clip and go to sleep. When you wake up take off the clip and let your hair fall freely. Comb well and be delighted to see a newly achieved plump mane.

Twisted Top Knot

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