6 Ways Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

Ways Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight

Meditation is the practice of transforming the mind and developing concentration, positivity, calmness and clarity to understand the true nature of things. By practicing this technique, you can become more focused and develop a peaceful, energized state of mind. You must be wondering how sitting straight and crossed legs with eyes closed could have any connection with weight loss. Though there is not a lot of evidence or research that proves meditation can help you lose weight directly, but still there are studies and research that meditation can be a powerful tool for losing weight; the connection may not be direct, but it can indirectly help you in achieving your weight loss goal. Let us see how simply focusing on your breath and senses and calming the mind can help us lose weight.

Here Are The 6 Ways Meditation Can Help You Lose Weight:

Meditation Can Help To Lower Your BMR

When you are watching your weight, you must be calculating your body’s BMR (basal metabolic rate) that is the rate at which you burn calories. While meditating, the BMR of your body reduces as result of which extra calorie intake by the body also reduces. Thus, it helps to lose weight naturally.


Meditation Helps In Mindful Eating

Some researches show that mindful eating, that is eating with full attention, can help to reduce cravings, prevents binge eating and thus aid in weight loss. By eating your food with full attention, you enjoy your food and become satisfied with small amount. Practicing meditation helps you to become aware of your cravings and also develop the ability to overcome cravings. Your desire for calorie rich food decreases as well.

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Meditation Helps To De-stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain and meditation is a powerful tool to de-stress yourself. We know that stress often leads us to eat unhealthy high calorie foods. So whenever you feel stressed, try to meditate for 2-3 minutes by sitting in a quite place in upright posture and focus on your breathing. You will be able to calm in your mind and you won’t eat anything unhealthy and able to concentrate better on your daily activities.

Avoid Stress

Meditation Help To Restore The Balance Of Your Body

Hormonal imbalance in your body often causes weight gain or weight loss. Meditating regularly helps to bring a harmony in your system. When your bodily system functions smoothly you will neither gain weight nor lose.

Detoxify Your Body

Meditation Helps To Stop Impulsive Eating

Meditation increases awareness, mental strength and focus which helps you to become more vigilant about your eating habits. You are able to control your emotions and cravings. This way, when you continue to meditate, you lose weight as you stick to healthy eating habits.

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Meditation Increases Your Work Efficiency

Daily meditation practice strengthens your inner resolve and commitment. You don’t easily get attracted to junk food, tendency to odd time snaking and tendency to drop out exercise routine. With regular practice of meditation, you remain satisfied with moderate diet and also feel energized and motivated to exercise and stay in shape.

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To reach your weight loss goal, meditation is a powerful tool. But to experience the real benefit of meditation, you need to practice this technique regularly. You will have to take out just few minutes from your busy schedule. Meditation followed by healthy eating and exercise will improve your immune system; and help you stay slim and healthy.

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