6 Waterproof Foundations Available In The Market

Waterproof Foundations

Our skin has many problems and we need to hide all of them, for this we do many herbal things but they take time, so if we want instant results then we apply make up on it, but before applying any make we need to add the foundation on the face and then we apply the makeup on it, but sometimes due to sweat in the summer our foundation melts and whole make up become worst for us, so we need some type of foundation that absorbs the water and stay long,

So There Are Many Waterproof Foundations Available In The Market:

1. Lakme 9 To 5 Foundation:

Lakme is a trusted brand in the world, this foundation comes in liquid form, it spreads easily on the skin and gives you flawless base for the makeup ideas, it covers the pigmentation of the skin, it cover the blemishes and dark spots of the skin, the best things about this product is that it is a combination of concealer as well as foundation, so you need not to apply the concealer on foundation, it absorbs the sweat and gives you flawless foundation for about the 8 hours, so if you are a working women then this is the best product for you.

Lakme 9 To 5 Foundation

2. Street Wear Foundation:

If you have the sensitive or oily face then you have to be extra cautious while selecting for any foundation, so here is the foundation for you, it is a mineral foundation so you should be worry about the skin problems, it protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and also gives you waterproof foundation up to 8 hours that it perfect for the day, you will not get patches on the applied makeup and can be removed only by the makeup remover, it is handy and it comes with the hand brush, so you can apply it anywhere.

Street Wear Foundation

3. Bourjois Matte Foundation:

This is the foundation for all types of the skin and the bottle looks so attractive, bourjis also gives you hand brush for the proper application, but you can also apply it with the spatula on the face, it has no preservatives and has the minerals in it, that nourishes the skin easily, you will get the foundation on the skin for a day and it is totally water proof, also it comes in the different shades and you can select as you want, you will get a nice matte touch and it small amount of it spreads on the skin.

Bourjois Matte Foundation

4. Avon’s Liquid Foundation:

This is the foundation which has many things in it. This foundation has the SPF 12 in it, which protects our skin from the harmful rays of the skin, this is liquid in form and you can use any spatula to apply it on the skin, it can be used on the oily skin also, it give you a nice matte touch up and there will not be any oil patches on the make up, it absorbs the water for about the 6 hours. This is the products best to use in the humid places, just a little amount is sufficient for anyone and it has many shades also. The bottle is so classy and attractive.

 Avon's Liquid Foundation

5. Loreal Infallible Foundation:

Loreal is a leading cosmetic products manufacturing company in the world, this is a liquid foundation, if you have scars and other patches on the skin, then this is the best foundation for you, it can be use on the oily skin, the best thing about this product is that it lasts for about the 16 hours, so you will have a beautiful face for longer period, it absorbs the sweat and humid without giving any patches on the skin, this gives you perfect matte finish and it comes with the mixture of concealer also, so you should can apply the makeup on it directly without the concealer.

Loreal Infallible Foundation

6. Loreal Morphose Foundation:

This is again a good foundation for all types of the skin, the bottle is so attractive and you can place it to your travel kit, it gives you a smudge free and oil free foundation for your makeup, if you have big pores on the skin or dark spots, then you can apply this foundation as it covers almost all the things, as you apply it on the skin, then it will give you a nice matte look and the make up applied on it will not get mixed with the foundation. It lasts for about the 6 to 7 hours, so if you are a working then you can go with it.

Loreal Morphose Foundation

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