6 Vital Tips To Remember When You Are Buying A Sunscreen

Tips To Remember When You Are Buying A Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a vital cosmetic for our skin which protects it from the harmful effect of the Sun. It protects our skin from the heat rashes too also with the UV rays. Not only has that it also protected our skin from pollution too. So, every time you have to apply sunscreen on your skin when you step outside your home in day time. Some body does apply sunscreen during winter but it is a great mistake. In winter we didn’t realizes the harmful effect as the sunray gives us comfort in cold.

But you have to be very careful when you are buying any sunscreen for your self. There are various types of sunscreens available in market for different type of need. These sunscreens are made for different types of skin, different purposes etc. Today in this topic I am sharing some important tips that you should remember when you are going to buy a sunscreen. Just check it before you go to market.

Here Are The Tips To Remember When You Are Buying A Sunscreen:

What To Buy- Sunscreen Lotion Or Gel:

Some times we get so confused that what to buy, a sunscreen lotion or gel? Both of them are excellent and do their best upon our skin. If you have a dry skin you can easily opt for a sunscreen lotion. But if your skin is so oily and acne prone then you must go for a sunscreen gel. Sunscreen gel keeps your skin less oily and lessens the chance Acne and pimples. Do you experience sweating immediately after the application of sunscreen? It is a very common thing among people, but if your skin releases so much of sweat then you can choose the sunscreen gel.

Sunscreen Lotion Or Gel

Check The SPF:

Before you buy any type of sunscreen, just check the SPF of each sunscreen. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. More high SPF means more protection form the harmful effect of the sun. In the climate of our country in summer you must choice sunscreen which contains SPF 25 to SPF 40. This range is enough to give you protection against the sunrays. Some sunscreens contain SPF 50, which is actually no need. But if you have to spend whole the day under the sun then you can opt for SPF 50 for a better protection.

Check The SPF

Sunscreen With Skin Lightening Formula:

Sun ray causes the tan in our skin which darkens our skin tone, finally which results in uneven skin tone. Now a day there is several Sunscreens are available in market which comes with skin lightening formula. You can easily go for them. In maximum sunscreen the skin lightening formula contains extracts pf lemon, licorice etc. which effectively lightens the tan caused by sun and gives you a fairer looking skin.

Sunscreen With Skin Lightening Formula

Waterproof Sunscreen For You:

Are you a swimmer? Then you must opt for a waterproof sunscreen for a protection against the Sun under water. If you have a tendency of sweating you can also choice a waterproof sunscreen. It results in less sweating.

Waterproof Sunscreen For You

Sunscreen With Anti Pigmentation Formula:

Long time exposure in Sun can cause pigmentation in your skin which finally results in patchy skin. Do you experience that? Now a day sunscreens with anti pigmentation formula are available in market. Check that, do your sunscreen contains anti pigmentation formula or not before you buy it.

Sunscreen With Anti Pigmentation Formula

UVA and UVB Protection:

When you buy sunscreen check if it giving protection for both for the UVA and UVB rays or not. Because both of these rays are very much harmful for you. But remember one thing that you have to reapply both type of sunscreen in every 3-4 hours.

UVA and UVB Protection

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