6 Unique Ways To Make A Scarf Your Style Statement

Today we find a huge variety of scarves in the market and we’re spoiled for choice. Scarves come in various lengths, colors and textures, from heavy woolen to light organza. And needless to say, we’re tempted to indulge in all the pretty scarves we can find out on the shelves out there, just so that we can find a unique one to suit every outfit in the wardrobe! But why not use a single scarf in different ways to make an impressive style statement? Have a look at how you can liven up your outfit with a single garment like the scarf, in enormously simple ways!

Here Are 6 Unique Ways To Make A Scarf Your Style Statement

1. Make Your Scarf Your Hair Accessory

Scarves are available in a variety of patterns and colors, which will definitely give you a pretty edge when it comes to tying up your hair with a scarf! Whether you’re wearing a formal shirt to work or a frilly frock with a girly feel to it, a scarf to tie up your hair is definitely going to enhance your appeal. Go for the ponytail, girl!

Make Your Scarf Your Hair Accessory

2. Wear The Scarf Around Your Waist

Surprise onlookers with an uncommon sense of style as you wrap your scarf around your waist! Make it a thin band like a belt, or a wider, flared triangle that gives a contrasting effect to your dress, but you’re sure to grab eyeballs all the way. If you’re wearing a plain dress, go for a checks or floral prints; if it’s a patterned dress, make sure you use a bright colored plain scarf to spice up the look.

Wear The Scarf Around Your Waist

3. Tie The Scarf On Your Handbag

A handbag is an accessory that no girl can do without. And if you don’t want the scarf weighing down your outfit on a warm and sunny day, and yet want a bit of scarf-style, what better way than to tie it on your handbag? Not only does it bring in a casual mood, but also adds zing with its presence.

Tie The Scarf On Your Handbag

4. A Pretty Flag On Your Wrist

Another unusual place where you can sport your scarf is, around your wrist! Bright colored scarves that look too gaudy for wearing around your neck along with the rest of your ensemble, can instead go to your wrist. What’s more, it’s an alternative to bangles and bracelets, upping your style quotient several notches!

A Pretty Flag On Your Wrist

5. The Cape/Kimono Style

Spread the scarf across your back while the edges on both sides cover your shoulders- and find the cape effect happening! No doubt it’s going to look pretty when you team it up with your clothes on a windy day!

The Cape/Kimono style

6. Twist The Basics A Bit

While the unusual ways of wearing scarves are tempting, do not underestimate the power of wearing a scarf around the neck in the usual way- but twist this basic style with the various options you have available. And what’s more, try unusual combinations- instead of teaming it up with a t-shirt or a simple top, try it out with a dress and see the admiration it generates!

Twist The Basics A Bit



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