6 Trendy Hairstyles For This Festive Season

Trendy Hairstyles For This Festive Season

Festive season is on and we are all ready to flaunt our lovely high end couture, expensive jewelry, pointed stilettos and what not. So many occasions to come and so less resources to look different every time is one of the problems every girl has faced at least once in her lifetime. As for every occasion we need different dresses so do we need our hairstyles. To help you a bit with this problem here are some of the interesting yet quick hairdos which you can do by your own and experience the compliments rolling on to you.

Here Are The 6 Trendy Hairstyles For This Festive Season:

1. The Classic Middle Parting

Whenever in hurry or not having enough time to look at your hair, the middle parting has always come up as a savior. Though many girls might have underestimated the look as a boring hair style but it can give you a fabulous look when carried with the right accessories. To get a diva look in no time just center part your hair and accessories this style with a complimenting Maang Tika or you can also go with the floral crown or headband which matches your attire.

The Classic Middle Parting

2. The Gibson Roll

A perfect hairdo to make the best use of your headband. Your elasticated headband apart from giving a bohemian look to you can also give you an elegant look. To get the roll firstly part your hair sideways. Now put your headband above your hair in the position as the elastic comes at the top of your neck, the same position where you want your roll. Starting from the front wrap sections of your hair around the headband. When you reach half way repeat the same with the other side. Wrap all the hair around the bun, secure the style with bobby pins and you are ready with a stunning look.

The Gibson Roll

3. The Half Up Do

Yes we have done it numerous times and we can never go wrong with this. A look which is perfect for work, for an outing with friends, for an evening date or even for the festive mood. To get the perfect half up do look slightly part your hair in the middle. Back comb the hair in the middle, the crown area. Take a section of your hair from the front, pull it backward and pin it up in the center at the back of your head. Now do the same for the other side. Curl the remaining falling hair with a curling rod. Put some hair spray so the curls stay for long.

Voluminous Half-Up Half-Down

4. Fishtail Braid

If you are very keen to tie up your hair in a braid what can be the best option other than a fish tail braid to give you a trendy as well as a traditional look. To give you a glamorous touch start with a puff on the top. Take out the section from the front, back comb and make the puff roughly. Secure it with bobby pin. Now comb the rest of your hair to one side and twist them up in a slightly loose fishtail braid. You can make you braid look more fabulous by adding some beaded accessories.

French Fishtail

5. Twisted Side Ponytail

To get a perfect twisted side ponytail look pick a thick section of hair from one side, take another section of same thickness alongside and cross the first section over the second. Now add some more extra hair to the section which is now at bottom and wrap it over the top one. Repeat the same step by adding some extra hair each time to the section at the bottom. Continue to add and wrap the hair in this fashion until you reach the other side of your neck. Once you reach the other side secure the ponytail with a rubber band and wrap a thin section of your hair over the band to hide it fixing it with bobby pin. Keep your ponytail as lower as you want. And don’t forget to give some soft curls to the bottom of your ponytail.

Twisted Side Ponytail

6. The Knotted Bun

Knotted buns always look so stylish and give an elegant look too. To make a quick knotted bun create a slight sideways ponytail just behind the ear and tie it with a rubber band. Divide the pony into two equal halves and twist the sections slightly. Tie the sections in the form of a knot. Now wrap the remaining portions of the sections around the knot clockwise and anti-clock wise keeping the knot in the center. Hide the ends inside the roll or the knot and secure those with bobby pins and you are ready to go.

Knotted Bun

Always remember whenever you make any hairstyle keep ample bobby pins handy, they help to keep your hair tucked at place. Don’t worry about having a mess of pins on your head, you can always hide the pins tucked if you place them artistically. Use good quality of hair sprays, they help your style to last long and also gives your hair lustrous look. And don’t forget to accessories the hair accordingly to stand out from the rest.

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