6 Top Religious Tattoo Designs

Tattoo makers get inspirations for interesting and eye catching tattoos from almost everything under the sun. This includes mankind’s living, way of life. Religion or one’s belief in god can be called as religious way of life. There are lots of things which can inspire a religious tattoo design. Men as well as women like to have religious tattoos on body. A religious tattoo can be worn in places like back, chest, shoulder, arms. Having religious tattoo on legs and feet is not a  very good idea. Another thing that must be kept in mind that conveying a good, positive spiritual message, message of love, tolerance and peace to society through religious tattoo is the main idea. But a tattoo lover should not have any religious image on body that hurts the feeling of others.

Here Are 6 Top Religious Tattoo Designs

1. Jesus Tattoo Designs

Jesus Christ is called The Son of the God. Religious tattoo designs have hundreds of very fine Jesus images. A truly religious tattoo lover can have a Jesus face tattoo on his or her body that shows face of son of god with crown of thorn on head.

Jesus Tattoo Designs

2. Cross Tattoos

Apart from image of Jesus the cross is another main religious element of Christianity. There are thousands of tattoo designs for cross. Some are very stylish and ornamental. Some have rosary or chain with a cross. A tattoo lover can do any size of cross in his or her body.

Cross tattoos

3. Lord Buddha Tattoo Designs

If Jesus Christ is Son of the God then Lord Buddha the propagator of Buddhism is called the Prince among Men or the Light of Asia. Scholars and writers tell that Lord Buddha or prince Siddhartha is the best human being on earth. There are lots of Lord Buddha tattoos that can be found in tattoo market. The best is face of Lord Buddha that symbolizes softness, truthfulness and passion at the same time.

Lord Buddha Tattoo Designs

4. Lotus Tattoos

The face or full figure of Lord Buddha represents Buddhism. But like cross the flower lotus also stands for the same too. This is because when prince Siddhartha was born he took seven steps and seven lotus flowers bloomed forth from his each step. A simple lotus flower has spiritual value. Some lotus tattoos have the face or image of Lord Buddha too.

Lotus Tattoos

5. Om Tattoo Designs

In recent times interest of people specially from western countries on cultures of Asia have increased a lot. Tattoo lovers are going for tattoos which represent Indian culture and religion particularly Hinduism. Sanskrit is the old language of India. This language is called the language of the god. Om is the prime word of Sanskrit. An Om tattoo on body gives one inner peace as well as mental strength.

Om Tattoo Designs

6. Lord Ganesha Tattoos

Not only Om word but when it comes to have a tattoo of an Indian god, people always look for Lord Ganesha in the first place. Lord Ganesha is the younger son of Lord Shiva who has the head of an elephant. Lord Ganesha is a very scholarly person who is a valiant warrior also. In India people worship Lord Ganesha before every religious ceremony. There are many gorgeous Lord Ganesha tattoo designs. Some have full figure Lord Ganesha while others have elephant head or face of Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha Tattoos

So you like to have a religious tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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