6 Tips To Wear Earrings For Sensitive Skin

Wear Earrings For Sensitive Skin

Earrings are something that all girls love to wear, but a problem is that people with sensitive skin tend to get problems in their ear lobes very soon. This could mean pain in the ears, discharge from ear lobes, pus or even infection in the area. Thankfully, there are some simple tips and solutions to help you combat this problem of sensitive skin, without trying too hard.

Here Are The 6 Tips To Wear Earrings For Sensitive Skin :

1. Apply Petroleum Jelly

One of the best ways to avoid infection and sensitive irritation here would be applying petroleum jelly on pierced area. Doing so helps in keeping the area moist and reduces friction. So you don’t have to worry about pain or hurting the area.

Petroleum Jelly

2. Aloe and Turmeric Powder

Another solution is to mix some aloe vera gel and turmeric powder on the sensitive skin area in the ears and leave overnight. Doing so helps the area to replenish and skin rehydrates, making it easier to wear earrings the next day.

Aloe and Turmeric Powder

3. Use Talc

Put some talcum powder on the pierced area of the ears before putting earrings on. Doing so will help absorb the moisture and also prevent the ear lobes from getting friction from the earring holes.

Floral deo talc

4. Water Based Polymer Sprays

These are available in easily in all departmental stores. You just have to spray them on the pierced area of the sensitive skin or the ears before putting the earrings on. Doing so prevents the earrings from creating wounds on the area and helps fight sensitive skin irritation too.

Pain Relieving sprays or balms

5. Apply Foot Cream On The Area

Foot creams are known to prevent dryness issues along with treating cracks. So when you apply them on the ear lobes, you get the same benefit and it works wonders for sensitive skin. Just apply on the ears before wearing your earrings.

Eye wrinkle Cream

6. Base Nail Polish

The base coat of the nail polish contains chemicals that are known for protecting cuticles and this formula applies on the nails too. Just put a touch of this around the pierced area along with the sensitive area of the ears. Then put on the earrings after five minutes. You will not experience any kind of irritation or issues with this solution.

Base Nail Polish

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