6 Tips To Create Halo Eye Look

Halo Eye Look

The multi-hued eye makeup trend is passe and now it’s the Halo eye that is making appearance as the hottest eye make up trend all over the internet. That means you no longer have to experiment with a large palette of contrasting shades as Halo Eye Makeup is more about creating a very relaxed and soft look with a single color palette. This make up draws attention towards the centre of your eyes by using a lighter shade in that region resulting in a halo-
like effect around your eyes. This look is perfect for warm summer months as it doesn’t require a massive amount of finesse on your part to create this look. Generally speaking, there is no set rule as to which colour palette to choose to create this look. You can use any colour scheme as long as it goes with your skin tone but there are some shades like pink, orange and peach that work better in creating this look.

Here Are The Steps To Follow To Create Halo Eyes:

1. Prep Your Eyes:

It’s crucial to add a layer of eye shadow primer on your eyelids before donning this look so the make-up stays put for long. Apply a coat of the primer all over your eyelids and blend well.

Prep Your Eyes

2. Outline The Crease:

Start by applying a medium toned shadow at the crease of your upper eyelid to outline the eye shadow. This will help blend both light and dark shades to be applied on the eyelids.

Outline The Crease

3. Color The Inner And Outer Eyelid:

Sweep a solid shade of the colour palette you are choosing over the inner and outer part of the eyelid. You can use an eye-shadow sponge or brush to do this for a more polished effect.

Color The Inner And Outer Eyelid

4. Illuminate The Centre:

Choose the lightest shade from the palette to illuminate the centre of your eyelids. Apply a tiny dot of the eye shadow at the centre of the eyelids and spread it a little towards the inner and outer eyelid with a blender. You have to be very careful at this step as the shade you are applying at the centre is going to be a prominent part of this look, so make sure that you apply the shade with the same intensity on both eyelids to help create a halo around both eyes.

Illuminate The Centre

5. Redo The Inner And Outer Eyelid:

If you find that the lighter shade applied at the centre of eyelids has covered the inner and outer part then retouch those areas with the same solid shade you applied earlier and blend well. Now use a slightly darker shade than the solid shade you used earlier to define the outer corners of your eyelids. Blend it well along the eyelid crease.

Redo The Inner And Outer Eyelid

6. Repeat On Lower Lid:

When you are done with the upper lid, repeat all the above steps on the lower lid. Avoid using any solid or darker shade on your entire lower eyelids like you did on the upper lids as using darker colours on lower lids makes them look tired. You can instead keep those colours close to the lower lash line to complete the look. Follow up with a little highlighter applied at the inner corners of both eyes to make your eyes look more open and awake.

Repeat On Lower Lid

7. Coat Your Lashes:

Complete this look with a single coat of mascara on your lashes. You can even curl your lashes before applying mascara to maximize the halo-effect.

Coat Your Lashes


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