6 Tips On Choosing The Right Face Wash For Rosacea

Tips On Choosing The Right Face Wash For Rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin problem, which is usually temporary. However, one problem that a lot of people face is that they cannot find the right face wash to use during this period. Now the issue here is that the wrong face wash will only trigger off the problem even more. Since the skin is inflamed, irritated and also very red, you have to give some thought on choosing the right face wash for rosacea.

Take Dermatologist Help

If you are suffering from an acute case of rosacea, it is highly suggested that you take help from a dermatologist. They might suggest you something that helps in treating the issue and also minimize the symptoms associated with this temporary problem.

take dermtologist help

Go Natural Or Organic

Organic and natural products are the best kind of face wash for rosacea because they are gentler and milder. Since there are natural and herbal ingredients in them, it helps in faster healing of the acne and pimple spread, without making the skin more irritable.

Go Natural Or Organic

Choose For The Right Skin Type

Some people have oily skin while the others have very dry skin. During rosacea, your skin type may alter temporarily. So it could mean that from oily skin you go straight to dry and sensitive skin types. So make sure that you choose the right skin type face wash.

right skin

Pick Rosacea Specific Face Washes/ Soaps

There are lot of gentle cleansers and soaps available in the market, which are specifically made for this problem. You can try using them. They are easily available online or you can buy them over the counter too.

roscacea soap

Check For Ingredients

Check the ingredients used in the facewash. Does it have too many chemicals or is not balanced for pH. Also, ingredients like chamomile, orange, lavender, etc help in soothing the problem of rosacea. So pick a facewash that contains the following ingredients.


Make Your Own Face Wash

If you are unable to find something in the market to help with your rosacea problem, make your own face wash by mixing some Castile soap along some honey, chamomile or lavender oil. Avoid putting lemon as it acidity may trigger off the problem.

face wash

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