6 Tips For Choosing The Right Shampoo To Control Your Hair Fall

6 Tips For Choosing The Right Shampoo To Control Your Hair Fall

Is your hair fall problem giving you nightmares? Wait and think, are you using a right shampoo for your hair?

Well increasing level of pollution, application of various chemicals, oily scalp, and sweat etc. makes your hair dirty and hence you need to shampoo your hair for keeping it clean. To choose a shampoo many of us do the mistake of picking a wrong shampoo allured by some tempting advertisements on TV with sky high promises. But not all shampoo is meant for every hair types and if you are facing an unusual hair fall issue recently then your current shampoo can be blamed for.

Since if you don’t want to fall victim to such hair owes then check out the 6 important tips below you should keep it in mind next time you buy a shampoo.

Here Are The 6 Tips To Choose Right Shampoo To Control Hair Fall:

Choose According To Your Hair And Scalp Type:

The most important trick to buy a shampoo is to have the correct knowledge about your hair and scalp type as dry hair shampoo can’t fix oily hair issues and vice versa. Hence without having this knowledge if you buy a shampoo that would be of no use to the hair, infact can lead to side effects as well. If you are not sure about hair type you may seek help from a beauty expert.

Choose According To Your Hair And Scalp

Look For The Hair Nourishing-moisturizing Ingredients:

As proper nourishment is required for a healthy body similarly to get healthy lustrous tresses you need hair nourishment as well as moisturization. Hence look for the healthy hair ingredients as shea butter, soy milk, eggs proteins, glycerin etc. on label of a shampoo before you invest your money on it. This will not only provide required nutrient to your hair but also prevent dry hair, hair breakage or frizzy hair issues.

Look For The Hair Nourishing-moisturizing Ingredients

Oily Hair:

Since oily hair is prone to become sticky and dirty to easily so you need to shampoo it often to eliminate the impurities. But make sure your shampoo will not only will banish the extra oil from your scalp but also maintain a higher pH balance. Another point to remember is that as oily hair needs washing too often so your shampoo must not be too harsh to bring damage to your hair that can lead to hair fall, instead opt for a light shampoo.

Oily Hair

Dry Hair:

If you are struggling with dry hair problem then opt for a shampoo which is packed with hydrating ingredients that will diminish the dryness of hair and scalp as well and even control dry hair owes like split ends or hair breakage. Too much chemical loaded shampoo especially those sulfate enriched shampoo can make your hair even dryer so keep off such shampoos. Go for a well moisturizing shampoo with lower pH balance.

Dry Hair

Curly Hair:

Only the ladies who are the owners of curly hair know it’s hurdles. Curly hair is the most difficult one to manage and care for. It tends to be dry out and likely to get split hair or hair fall problem. Hence choose a shampoo that is enriched in protein along with hydrating agents or the ones that are made for curly hair especially. These types of shampoos moisturize and deep condition the hair from its root.

Curly Hair

Colored Hair:

Colored hairs means this type of hair has already treated by harsh chemicals so this time it needs some extra care to prevent hair fall problem which is a quite common issue for colored hairs. You can go and buy just any shampoo for this type of hair, instead pick the ones those are especially made for colored hair care.

Colored Hair

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