6 Swag Tricks And Tips To Add Volume To Your Hair

6 Swag Tricks And Tips To Add Volume To Your Hair

Thick and healthy hair is one of the natural assets of a woman that makes her look more gorgeous and feminine but not every woman is blessed with such thick and gorgeous tresses.

Thin or flat hair not only stands in the way to look glamorous but often lowers down one’s self confidence. But that doesn’t mean you have to be disheartened, as in this article you will show you simple ways in which you can easily turn up the volume in your tresses and steal attention wherever you go.

Here Are The 6 Swag Tips To Turn Up The Volume In Your Hair:

Use Voluminizing Shampoo:

One of the simplest ways to add volume to hair would be using voluminizing shampoo. After shampoo you can apply conditioner but make sure to use it on the hair strands only avoid the roots. Choose your shampoo or conditioner wisely as some of the clarifying shampoo is formulated with such voluminizing compounds which tend to make your hair heavier and if your hair is heavy you can’t get the volume.

Use Volumizing Shampoo

Get A Smart Hair Cut:

A smart short hair cut can be a great idea to add volume to your tresses in a jiffy. As long hair tends to be heavier so there is a less chance of volume, so cut it short smartly. Go to a reputed salon and seek advice from the beauty expert on which hair cut or hair style would add volume to your hair type.

Get A Smart Hair Cut

Try Color Highlights:

Coloring some strands or highlights can make your hair appear thick. You can go for blonde or any other color according to your preference and the advice of beauty expert and create the illusion of voluminous hair.

Try Color Highlights

Hair Spray Application Trick:

Many people use hair sprays to add volume to their hair but often don’t receive the desired result. Hence we are giving you an effective tip to add a good amount of volume to your hair instantly. Turn your head down towards the floor and then use the hair spray. Just wait for 2minutes and then style your hair. You will definitely experience the difference.

Hair Spray Application Trick

Night Trick:

Before you hit the sack, make a ponytail a bit higher. But don’t make too tight to tear the hairs. Next unfold the ponytail in the following morning and you will definitely notice a change.

Night Trick ponytail


One of the easiest ways to turn up the volume in your hair could be using heated curlers.


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