6 Striking Tribal Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoos are not a new thing. The inking of body started hundreds of years ago in tribes. Getting a tattoo was a rite of passage then. It was not made for looking fashionable but it was a stage of life when you had to get inked.  If we look at today’s tattoo designs, the tribal tattoos are much more fashionable, unique and also have a meaning to it. Most tribal tattoos are found black in color. Today we are going to tell you about the 6 striking tribal tattoo designs for women. We suggest you to take a look and make up your mind about making a meaningful tattoo which you will cherish.

Here Are The 6 Striking Tribal Tattoo Designs For Women 

1. Tiki Tattoo

This was a popular tattoo in the Polynesian culture. The tattoo is of a figure which looks like a human but it signifies the semi gods. People in old times used to get the tiki tattoo for their protection. They believed that getting this tattoo done will protect them for all dangers of life. The organs of the Tiki gods are drawn separately. It is surely a very cool tattoo to make. You can get it done on your shoulder or your arms.

Tiki Tattoo

2. Borneo Tattoo

The Borneo people felt that getting a tattoo done symbolized their social life. It was a symbol of status of their life. Getting a Borneo tattoo on the hand was considered a good charm. Getting a durian rosette tattoo was common. It is a traditional small flower that the women and men make on their shoulder. Women do not practice tattooing in Borneo anymore but the men still do it without any significance.

Borneo Tattoo

3. Tahitian Tattoo

This Tahitian tattoo was only given to those who belonged to the higher or upper class. It symbolizes the passage of life that we cross. This kind of tattoo is made all over the body but the face is not inked. If you would like to ink your entire body, you should get this done because tribal tattoo all over the body looks very good and funky.

Tahitian Tattoo

4. Tribal Salamander

Now this one is a tattoo which consists of lizards. A lizard can mean many things. This is a more modern form of tribal tattoo. It shows how passionate you are as a person. It also symbolizes death, flexibility, perception and adaptability. You can get a lizard tattoo on your feet. It is called Tribal Salamander in tribal language. Give it a curled look so that it looks real.

Tribal Salamander

5. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly signifies spirituality and love. In Greek, butterfly is called psyche. Psyche is the name of a goddess. A butterfly looks nice on women. You can get it done on your back, your chest or even your waist. The butterfly also means love, rebirth, femininity, grace and beauty. It looks very feminine and so you should try getting it in a good color such as violet or pink.

Tribal butterfly Tattoo

6. Samoan Tattoos

The Samoan tattoos are large and it needs a professional artist to get this done. There is a lot of detailing in this tattoo. Mostly you will find a sun in a Samoan tattoo. The sun stands for leadership and brightness. If you are a person who follows their own principles and loves to lead – you should get a large Samoan tattoo on your back or on your arm.

Samoan Tattoos

So, now that you know about the different tribal tattoos – you can get the right one done. You should definitely make one of the above because they have a meaning and they look very classy. Make sure you choose the best.

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