6 Steps To Curl Your Hair Overnight With A Sock

Steps To Curl Your Hair Overnight With A Sock

Ladies are very curious about their type of hair as it helps them to enhance their beauty. Women having straight hairs sometimes want to have curly hairs and thus use dryer for this purpose. Dryer applies heat to the hair and thus curls it. This is not good for the health of the hair as it can damage them permanently. You can use one alternative method to use socks and curl you hairs.

Below Is The Process To Use Socks And Get Curly Hairs Without Using Heat:

Headband Curling

Headbands curling can be used in the same process as the following process is applied with selective kinds of socks. It is applied on wet hair to avoid falling of hair. The curls will not be that perfect using bands and is best with socks.

Headband curling

Hair Wetting

The next best step is to properly damp the hair in order to avoid hair falling. Do not over dampen it as curly hairs cannot be formed on extra moisture content hair. Damp it to certain extent with a sprayer and then comb it properly.

Hair Wetting

Perfect Socks

Socks can be used on the hairs to make it curly. You have to select the sock on the longer side. You can use some dress sock or tube sock for this purpose. You have to cut the toe in order to make the sock workout for this technique. Use a clean sock and use it for making curly hairs. Prepare doughnut from it.

Perfect Socks

Pony Preparation

Pull the entire hair on the top of the head to make a perfect style ponytail. This is the same ponytail that was in fashion during 90’s. The higher position of ponytail will be better to apply this technique. This will help to get more curly hairs without miss.

Pony preparation

Preparing For Doughnut Shape

The next step is to try pulling the hair through the above prepared sock doughnut. Then swing the hair just in the front side. Start curling your hair near the doughnut. Maintain rolling with the sock till it looks like a bun on the head. For fine hair, the curling should be tightly made around the doughnut. For thick hair do not apply such heavy pressure.

Preparing for doughnut shape

Curl Down

Go to sleep during night time and wake up the morning to see your best curls without heating it. Open up the doughnut slightly to avoid hair fall. You can itself see the best curls on the hair.

Curl down

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