6 Spectacular Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Apart from people who were soldiers and labors normal citizens were seldom seen with exposed arms or sleeves in public in late ancient and medieval times. Women specially were not allowed to wander in public with exposed sleeve. But as society progressed people specially women started to wear fashionable clothes with sleeves exposed. They started to decorate sleeves with body art or tattoos. Now sleeve tattoo has become something of a craze among fashion conscious men and women.

By the word sleeve the whole upper and lower arm is generally meant. People have a tendency to decorate upper arm, the part almost near shoulder with tattoos. Sometimes big illustrative design is seen covering the whole arm. Any generic tattoo fits sleeve.

Here Are 6 Spectacular Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers:

1. Flower Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Women and men with soft heart like to have colorful flower tattoos on body. Flower represents beauty and fragrance. There are some stylishly complex flower tattoos that fit upper arm or sleeve. A tattoo lover has to choose the design and size.

Flower sleeve tattoo designs

2. Tribal Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve or half sleeve is a favorite place for tattoo lovers to do ornamental tribal art. People who have respect and admiration for old tribal cultures of the world like to have tribal art tattoos on body. An ornamental tribal art in just black ink looks quite attractive on exposed sleeve. Sometimes this designs extends to chest also.

Tribal sleeve tattoos

3. Religious Sleeve Tattoo Designs

People who believe in existence of heaven and hell and in god like to do religious tattoos on body. Sleeve is one of the favorite areas of body for such tattoos. Face of Jesus Christ or cross with other stylish elements is generally seen as religious sleeve tattoos.

Religious sleeve tattoo designs

4. Animal Sleeve Tattoos

Animal or bird tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers. Almost every sort of animal from jungle, air, water. reptile, insect, domestic animals or pets has amazing tattoo designs of its own. Each animal has its own symbolic meaning. People have a weakness for jungle animals like tiger etc moving in a jungle setting tattoo on sleeve. Sometimes face of a roaring tiger or other animals are also seen as sleeve tattoos.

Animal sleeve tattoos

5. Mythological Sleeve Tattoo Designs

People who love, respect and admire old cultures and civilizations like Rome. Greek, Egyptian like to have mythological tattoos on body. Hundreds of spectacularly awesome mythological tattoos are available for tattoo lovers to have on body particularly sleeve. One can easily go for a Greek mythological tattoo on sleeve too.

Mythological sleeve tattoo designs

6. Mermaid Sleeve Tattoos

A sleeve is a vertical space. Any tattoo with a vertical image fits here properly. Mermaid is a half woman half fish creature of legend that stands for feminine beauty as well as magic and mystery. A vertical mermaid on sleeve looks quite awesome.o you want to have a sleeve tattoo. Kindly choose from the list given here.

Mermaid sleeve tattoos

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