6 Soothing Bedtime Yoga Poses For Deep Relaxation

Yoga Poses For Deep Relaxation

The fast paced world today, apart from the benefits it has given has also lead to the increase of stress in most of the human beings. As a result of which, most of the individuals suffer from restlessness due to irregular sleep routine. This irregular sleep routine will not only affect the physical health but also the mental state. Although leading a healthy lifestyle and following a balanced diet will keep you healthy and stress-free, performing certain yoga poses as a routine will fetch you a deep relaxation. All of these poses can be done in bed easily at home and are highly beneficial. So, give it a try to enjoy their goodness.

Here Are The 6 Easy Yoga Poses For Deep Relaxation:

1. Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

Sit straight and place your legs stretched in a wide angled position. Make sure that your knees face the ceiling by twisting your thighs. Inhale deep such that your spine is kept straight. Try to hold this position for a while and then slowly exhale followed by bringing back your feet and knees to normal posture.[1]

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

2. Locust Pose

Lay upside down such that your face and stomach touches the ground. Place your legs together and hands down the thighs. Now begin inhaling and simultaneously lifting both your legs with only your face left in contact with the ground. Hold for a while and now exhale and bring back your legs to the normal position.[2]

Locust Pose

3. Legs Up The Wall Pose

Place a pillow on the floor as a support and let it rest against the wall. Now sit relaxed with your left side against the wall and your back against the pillow you have placed. Ensure that your soles face upwards and your head touches the floor. Gently lift your hips up and place the pillow to properly support you. Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Place your hands on the sides with the palms facing upwards. Rest in this position, as long as, you feel comfortable. To release the posture bring your legs down by holding your breath still. Breathe and turn to the side and come back to the sitting position.[3]

Legs Up The Wall Pose

4. Reclined Bound Angle Pose

Begin by sitting on the floor and placing your legs bent in front of you such that, the soles of your feet touch each other. Ensure that the knees of the bent legs face outwards. Rest your hands on the sides and place your palms facing upwards and your shoulder blades pulled inwards. Rest in this position with eyes closed and breathe normally. Once you feel heavy, exhale and come back to the normal position by bringing your knees together and turning towards your right.[4]

Reclined Bound Angle Pose

5. Corpse Pose

Lie on the floor with your back placed flat and close your eyes. Rest your legs such that they are relaxed and apart. Ensure that your toe faces sidewards. Keep your arms to the sides, with your palm facing upwards. Now breathe slowly and deeply such that you relax all the parts of your body. Continue doing this until you feel complete relaxation. Once you feel fresh, open your eyes, turn to the right side and come back to the normal position.[5]

Corpse Pose

6. Half Spinal Twist Pose

Begin by sitting straight with your legs in front. Stretch your legs such that they are together. Gently lift your left leg and bend it to be placed on the side of the left buttocks. Now bring your right leg over the left knee. Lift your arms as you inhale and place the right arm on the side of the left knee followed by holding the left ankle with your right arm. Breathe in and out while you continue holding in the position for a while. To release, breathe out followed by releasing the right hand, waist, chest, and neck accordingly; come back to the sitting position.

Half Spinal Twist Pose

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