6 Simple Ways To Make Your Junk Food Healthy

Make Your Junk Food Healthy

Craving for junk foods like pizza, chips, pastries, pasta etc. are quite common these days and they have already made their especial spaces in our daily diet.

Though we all are aware of the fact that too much intake of these foods contains bulk amount of calories and causes obesity and other serious health issues, but its not easy to ignore those temptations overnight and replace these foods with the healthier nutritious ones all of a sudden. Therefore, to make your life easier yet healthier, here we give you 6 tricks to make these junk foods healthier without discarding them fully. Scroll down to know more.

Here Are The 6 Ways To Make Your Junk Food Healthy:

Opt For Home-made Pizza:

Instead of having those heavy calorie loaded pizzas available in the market, make pizza at home. You can use grilled chicken, fresh vegetable toppings along with low fat cheese. This is an excellent way to have healthier food in junk food style.

Opt for Home-made Pizza

Cut Off Creamy Dressing On Salad:

Creamy dressing makes heavier with calories instead go for vinaigrette salad dressing. You can combine green leafy veggies with sweet corn and various fruit everyday as pineapple or pomegranate etc. these salads not only helps to satisfy your starving but also provides you the benefits of having green veggies. Try to staple salad in every meal.

Cut off creamy dressing on salad

Skip Butter:

Try to reduce the amount of butter from your diet. You can use little amount of it on your toast and only on one side. One healthier way to replace butter is to include mayonnaise in your diet.

Skip Butter

Get Thicker Chips:

Chips and French fries allure all of us but better to have them once in a while. You can also make them less harmful by slicing into thicker pieces. As thicker ones soaks less oil.

Get Thicker Chips

Have Grilled Foods:

Go for grilled foods as burgers and others, replacing the fried ones. While grilling the meat make sure to eliminate the excess fat from the raw meat first then grill it. Always opt for grilled, baked or boiled food rather than fried items.

Have Grilled Foods

Staple Fruit Juices:

Ditch those fizzy soft drink cravings with different fresh fruit juices everyday. You can staple these juices in your daily diet by including in breakfast. Tamarind juice is a great way to improve your appetite and digestion as well.

Staple Fruit Juices

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