6 Simple Tips To Look Younger

Simple Tips To Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to look younger and stay youthful. But the thing is that you really cannot delay ageing forever. But what you can do is try out a routine and schedule that fits into your everyday life. Simple tips not only help you stay younger but they also change the way you look at yourself. Accepting ageing with grace is a skill, but it doesn’t mean that you have to look older.

Here Are 6 Simple Tips To Look Younger:

1. Use Natural Makeup

Instead of powdering your face every 10 minutes, opt for simple and natural makeup techniques. So think of BB creams that are rich in minerals and antioxidants to help you get the natural look, but with the goodness of ingredients that fight ageing. Pick something with sunscreen to fight UVA and UVB to fight off signs of ageing.

Use Natural Makeup

2. Exercise

Yoga, cardio, Pilates, etc. are the best ways to sweat it out. A young and fit body will help you flush out toxins and get clear skin. All of these exercises will aid in toning the body and thus give you a well sculpted look that makes you look younger. Use weight training via your own body or even through external weights to build  muscles. Do facial yoga to avoid emergence of fine lines.


3. Eat Healthy

Without internal health, your body can never really function well. You should have more of fibrous fruits and veggies, drink lots of water and avoid rich and fried foods. This diet will result in better cell functioning and also fight free radicals. Hence you get visibly younger looking skin.

Eat Healthy

4. Facial Care

Opt for regular facial care and treatments. Make use of anti-aging creams and lotions. Remember to wash and clean your face everyday. The routine of washing, moisturising and toning becomes crucial for retaining that youthful glow.

Facial Care

5. Meditate And Postive Thinking

Last but not the leas, engage in positive thinking and meditation. Too much stress, anxiety, depression, etc. are major causes of ageing. So get rid of those with meditation and positive thought process and build confidence in yourself to look and stay younger.

Meditate And Postive Thinking

6. Dress Up Young

Think about dressing your age rather than being older or too younger. So pick up outfits that compliment your body. Bright colours like pink, yellow, etc. help you look younger. Dull colours, very baggy clothing, etc. should be avoided as they make you look older.

Dress Up Young

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