6 Rocking Hairstyles To Get A Pop Star Look

The time of the Cinderella kind of hair styles has gone. Popular celebrities from rock, punk-rock and pop music industry have totally changed the game by introducing a wide variety of choices in hair fashion. Modern haircuts are all about messy hair with uneven lengths to give women a permanent bedhead look, which was a big No-No in the past. The young people who identify themselves with the scene culture follow these trends with devotion. Even modern women have now started rocking short, very short haircuts with giving it a twist of different dye colors. If you find yourself one of those who love to try something out of the box and crave to get the pleasure of being different from others, you would find your peace between the sentences written further.

Here Are 6 Rocking Hairstyles To Get A Pop Star Look

1. Emo Hairstyle

Ranging from long and choppy to short and spiky, girls have thousands of emo hairstyles to choose from. These styles have side-swept bangs to cover the forehead and are frequently dyed with colors. Emo haircuts have at least one layer, but this haircut also gives the advantage to girls of having as many layers as desired. In addition, choosing a dye color also has no limits so girls can explore different colors on different layers. The shoulder length haircuts are usually called a short emo haircut. This hair style requires hair gel or hair spray to get a spiky look. On the other hand, long and choppy emo hair styles have little hair at the bottom, with spiky upper part of the hair. The hair is cut in layers to get the desired volume.

Emo Hairstyle

2. Chelsea Hairstyle

This is an extreme punk hair style which is basically attained by clipping all of the hair very short and leaving the front hair long. The front part of the hair gets a fringe and two long sections of hair called dog ears, which are left to dangle on either side. However, Chelsea Hawk haircut and the Chelsea Staub haircut are two conservative variations of the Chelsea haircut. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Rihanna are some of the celebs who follow the Chelsea hawk hair style very often. While Miley’s Chelsea Hawk has spikes instead of a fringe which stand up in the center of the head, the Chelsea Staub is cut like short or long bob with the hair at the nape and over the ear trimmed short or shaved off in patterns.

Chelsea Hairstyle

3. Choppy Bob Hairstyle

Girls with straight hair can wear the Choppy bob hair style in which hair strands are cut in different lengths. With different style combinations like short bangs, long side bangs or ragged bangs, this hair style is becoming very popular among modern women. Some women also like adding a bright dye color to jazz up the choppy bob.

Choppy Bob Hairstyle

4. Razor Cut Hairstyle

A razor blade is used to achieve multiple layers of hair. The style of razor haircut depends more on the type of hair rather than the length of it. Sometimes people often get confused between a layered cut and a razor cut. However, the end result of both the processes is quite different from one another. A layered cut gives a smooth, consistent appearance. Each layer blends into the other one without giving signs of any seam. On the other hand, a razor cut is styled to give a rough, choppy effect by cutting each section of hair in different lengths. For many girls a razor cut is a way of expressing themselves without saying a word.

Razor Cut Hairstyle

5. Tapered Hairstyle

For girls who want an alternative option of Chelsea haircut, a tapered hair cut gives the same effect without shaving off all the hair around the ear. The style has long hair on the top which gradually decreases to the sides of the ears. The layers fall down from the crown to reach the neckline with every layer slightly shorter than the previous one. However, the hair on the crown can be styled with different variations. Many stylist add their own variations to this haircut. Some cut the hair to ear length to get a bob look, other curl the longer pieces of hair on the top to enhance the excitement.

Tapered Hairstyle

6. Fade Hairstyle

A style which was adopted by the military women, but then became popular among women who like to present themselves with a tom boyish persona. The fade effect is achieved by employing the electric clippers with different size of attachments. Different clipper guards are used on the back, sides and on the top to get different lengths of hair. However, the face shape plays an important role for this hairstyle. People with long face shape can go for a closer fade cut, while round faced people look better with a spiky gelled hair on the top.

Fade Hairstyle

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