6 Office Make Up Tips

Office Make Up Tips

In today’s world women have become all rounder as they have mountain of responsibilities on their shoulders regarding home and office and they execute them pretty decently as well. But in this mad dash of life its quite challenging to look good the entire day, specially at the work place. Hours of exhaustion, stress and competition of office often steals the charm of your face and makes you look dull, tired and life-less. But right set of office make up is equally important as your romantic date make up or party make up. Looking good not only amp up your confidence level but also creates a good impression about yourself in the work place.So if you are wondering how to look gorgeous till the last hour in office even if you just had 5 hours of sleep and 5 minutes in hand to get ready then just go through the rest of the article.

Here Are The 6 Ways To Look Fabulous In Office

Perfect Skin

Start your day with cleaning your face properly by a mild exfoliator followed by a good moisturizing cream; this is also an excellent way of skin care on daily basis. This process also helps to keep you look fresh and radiant all day long. As the office make up mantra is “keep it simple”, so better to avoid heavy foundation and pick up light foundation for better coverage. Also apply concealer to hide face flaws as under eye circle, pimple marks, scar etc.

Perfect Skin

Get Rosy Cheeks

Swirl a hint of blush on your cheeks but make sure you don’t overdo or you may end up look like a clown. Go for neutral pink blush. You can highlight your cheekbones with tint of highlighter. Women with dark complexion may try shades like maroon or brown etc.

get rosy cheek

Define Your Eyes

Define your eyes using black, grey or brown eye-liner they looks perfect in the morning. While choosing eye shadow go for natural colors including blush pink, beige, taupe, grey, bronze etc and swirl your eye-lids but skip brighter or glitter eye make up to avoid make up disasters. For mascara go with the one that is smudge-free, so if you got tired and massage your eyes it won’t be spoiled. Black-waterproof or transparent mascara are best to try for in office.

Define Your Eyes

Color Your Lips

While talking about lipsticks, you have a freedom to chose for, if you cant draw your attention to lips then keep your eye make up minimal and you can go for red, taupe, earth, berry colored or matt effect lipsticks. But if you want to keep your lips light then neutral colors as pink, rosy etc. while for getting juicy lips finish off with the touch of lip-gloss. One important lip make up this is to match your lip color according to your blush.

color your lips

Smell Good

Its very important to smell good and a important of your over all make-up. Good fragrance leaves a strong effect on human sensory system and it even helps to amp up the mental stamina and refreshes you and the people around you as well. But for office it is recommended to stick to light fragrances like rosemary or vanilla etc.

Smell Good

Cut Nails

It is suggested to keep short and clean nails for office look as while nails need maintenance and even can be broken at a careless move. So short yet manicured nails look cute and go very well with office look. While choosing nail colours its better to go for natural or lighter shades.

cut nails

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