6 New Shades Of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

If you are a makeup freak and a diehard lover of NARS products and cosmetic, you must have found out about the new shades of radiant and beautiful creamy concealers that NAS just added into its product list. If not, here are the amazing shades of creamy concealers from NARS for different skin tones exclusively prepared for all you beautiful ladies. Grab the one for your skin tone and flaunt the new you!

Here Are 6 New Shades Of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

1. Crèame Brulee

These amazing shades with a lighter base are supremely gorgeous and give a complete and perfect finish around your face. These shades would sculpt your face such beautifully, giving it a perfectly natural look. The creamy concealers give a perfectly balanced look neither too matte nor too glossy. The beautiful new Crème Brulee shade is the most perfect shade for fairer or pale tone. The lighter shades also available in this range are Chantily and Vanilla. Try this amazing shade if you have ever lasting love for peachy shade.

Crèame Brulee

2. Canelle

This shade is also perfect for the ladies with fair skin tone. This shade is an enhancement in the Crème Brulle shade which gives a dark and deep peachy color. If you do not want a completely peachy shade and want a punch of yellowish shade, this is the best creamy concealer shade for you. Try this shade if you want to try something different than the regular pink and peach shades.


3. Macadamia

This is a shade exclusively made for the women with medium or a bit darker skin tone. This shade enhances and enriches the dusky and smoky look of dark and medium skin tone by adding mild glossiness and shine. Your sharp facial features will enlighten and emboss which would give you perfectly glamorous look. The peachy shade will glorify all your facial features and make you look super hot.


4. Chestnut

The new chestnut is made for women with medium and deep skin tones. This shade gives you a beautiful and radiant complexion and shine. This shade is an enhancement in the Biscuit shade launched previously. Chestnut is not too dark or not too light shade. It is a perfectly balanced shade which will add gorgeousness into your entire look by blending amazingly on your skin. Try this beautiful shade this season for a fresh look.


5. Hazelnut

This is a beautifully glossy and creamy shade for dark complexion. This shade gives a mild red effect and a dark base. For the women with dark skin, this shade will perfectly blend with the skin complexion and hide all the imperfections showcasing the beauty and duskiness of the dark skin. Use this shade if you have a darker tone and want to flaunt your adorable and face.


6. Dark Coffee

Dark coffee is for the women with deep and dark skin tone. This shade has an extreme dark brown and coffee base. If you have a very dark skin tone, apply this shade and blend perfectly to your skin. Highlight the areas like nose line, the cheekbones and the jaw line for a sharper and sexier face. This will enhance your facial features and will give you a completely chiseled and gorgeous look. Try this new, deep and glamorous shade this season and grab the attention of people all over.

Dark Coffee

These amazing shades are totally outstanding and will make you look gorgeous. Try them out and see the difference.

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