6 Natural Cooling Face Packs For Summer-Wrecked Skin

Most of the people plan for going to different places such as picnics, theme parks, outings and water parks during the hot weather months. They really wanted to enjoy the outings with their kids and families. But at the end of the day, they really get disappointed with the skin damage. During summer, our skin needs special attention and care because it can easily become tanned, sticky and oily etc. Excessive exposure to sunlight makes our skin dry. The Skin has special requirements during the hot climatic condition. You need to take care of your skin accordingly. Otherwise, you look unattractive with dry, wrecked and dull skin. We need to work on our skin through some natural face packs to get a glowing and bright skin.

Here Are 6 Natural Cooling Face Packs For Summer-Wrecked Skin

1. Glycerin With Orange Peel Powder

Glycerin is highly capable in repairing your skin. It makes your skin soft and supple. Amazing skin brightening properties of orange peel powder work wonder on the skin. Take the equal parts of both these ingredients and mix them together. Apply to your skin and wait for some time. Once the pack dried, you need to use lukewarm water to wash it off. Regular application of this face pack gives you relief from the wrecked, tanning, patchy and dull skin. It also reduces extreme oiliness from the skin.

Glycerin With Orange Peel Powder

2. Mango With Turmeric

Mango is not only rich in amazing health benefits but also fully packed with skin beautifying properties. It offers radiance to your skin by working as a great cleanser. Take some amount of mango pulp and add it to honey and sandalwood powder. Also, add turmeric and little amount of yogurt. Mix all these ingredients carefully. Apply this mixture on your neck and face. Wash your skin after fifteen minutes. Be ready to notice the surprised results of this face pack. It protects your skin from damage which is caused by UV rays of the sun.

Mango With Turmeric

3. Honey With Lemon Juice

Honey, when applied soothes your skin. Bleaching properties of lemon work great on the skin. The combination of both these ingredients makes your skin flawless. Take some honey and add it to lemon juice. Apply to your skin and wait for some time. This pack greatly nourishes and conditions your skin.

 Honey With Lemon Juice

4. Milk With Turmeric And Honey

Milk exfoliates your skin and removes dead cells from it. Your skin becomes beautiful and brighter with the help of turmeric. Honey is extremely soothing and moisturizing. This face pack is ideal for summer wrecked skin. This face pack must be applied evenly on the skin. Rinse off the pack after some time. Smooth and shiny skin can be noticed after trying this face pack.

 Milk With Turmeric And Honey

5. Watermelon With Cucumber Juice

This amazing face pack makes your skin clean and fresh by reducing dead skin cells. It soothes your skin. For this, take two tablespoons of watermelon and cucumber juice. Add one teaspoonful each of yogurt and milk powder in that mixture. Blend these ingredients into a thick paste. Apply on the skin and wait for fifteen minutes. Use cold water to wash your skin.

 Watermelon With Cucumber Juice

6. Yogurt With Banana

Yogurt is loaded with moisturizing and soothing properties. Nutrients and minerals of banana make your skin smooth. Take equal quantities of both these ingredients and apply on the skin. Wash your skin after twenty minutes. Your wrecked, dull and tired skin gets nourished with this wonderful face pack. Try this process four times a month. This is a perfect face pack for summer wrecked skin.

Yogurt With Banana

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