6 Leather Pieces That Should Be A Part Of Your Wardrobe

6 Leather Pieces That Should Be A Part Of Your Wardrobe

Leather is one of the most interesting pieces of clothing that you could own. The look you could exude with a leather piece couldn’t be pulled off using anything else. This is the standard fabric to use when you want to look like a stylish tough chick.

Hollywood has constantly used this fabric to define their strongest and darkest of characters. But leather can do much more than just make you look like a bad ass. When used right, you can look extremely fashionable and can make heads turn with this fabric.

1. Leather Jacket.

Leather jackets have been one of the most popular leather garments in the history of fashion. They have been used time and again and you simply need to own one if you want to style with leather. It screams cool.

You don’t necessarily have to wear a leather jacket when you go biking or when you want to get that tough look. There are so many variations in leather jackets now that you could pull any style using the right leather jacket. You could pair it with plaid shirts or skirts perfectly and match this outfit with ankle length boots. You could also wear them with a pretty floral dress when you are going for a leather jacket which is of a lighter color. They look absolutely stunning when you pair them up with a beanie and ankle length trousers. You can use this jacket when you are wearing a plain tee or a tank top and accessorize using statement jewellery. You can make use of a plain leather jacket with the right sleeves to use it for your office look. You can pretty much never go wrong with a leather jacket and you would be surprised to find out the number of outfits you can try with it.

Leather Jacket

2. Leather Leggings.

It is easy to style with a leather jacket but it can get tricky to look stylish using leather tights. They were once the standard outfits owned by the 80’s era rock stars and we can’t help but associate leather leggings with anything else. But you can use these leggings for your party outfits or every day outfits and look super cute. The key here is to keep it as casual as possible. The Shirts and accessories you choose when you want to wear leather leggings shouldn’t be loud and shouldn’t steal the focus from your leather pants.

To give you a few ideas, you could use leather pants and wear them with simple plaid shirts. You can use these pants for almost every winter outfit you can think of. You can wear them with a fur jacket over a simple shirt and wear ankle length boots with them. There aren’t many ways you can wear a simple solid long shirt but leather pants can definitely be used to get the right look using this. Graphic tees go with everything and wearing them with leather pants make it look much more fun and chic. These pants are the best when you are looking for something to pair with a denim jacket. You can use simple sophisticated shirts or button-downs and look very elegant. You can practically get any style you want using these leggings.

Leather Leggings

3. Leather Bags.

Bags are very important when you plan an outfit. They are not only practical, they also contribute a lot towards the way you look. Leather bags are probably one of the most common and easiest bags to style. There are many different kinds of leather bags available, like leather tote bags, or leather backpacks and many more.

You can use a leather backpack with a floral dress and boots. You can use a leather sling bag and wear it with high waisted pants. There are many different kinds of colors in leather bags and they can work with pretty much all outfits. When you are buying your first leather bag make sure you go for a basic color that won’t be too difficult to style. Once you get the hang of it, you can use more colors and styles.

Leather Bags

4. Leather Footwear.

Leather footwear is one of the most interesting kinds of footwear. There are different kinds of leather footwear like, ankle length boots or leather sandals that can work magic with your otherwise bland outfits.

Leather sandals aren’t very difficult to work with. You can use them for any outfits that you would wear with ordinary sandals, like, pretty dresses, or 3/4ths and many more others. Ankle length boots made of leather are the perfect footwear for the winters. They do a wonderful job at keeping you warm and also look extremely fashionable. Leather shoes give the most professional look and can work wonderfully with simple button downs and trousers. You can try many other styles and you can see for yourself how easy it is to use them to look stylish.

5. Leather Shorts.

Leather shorts are extremely funky but also difficult to style. They are the perfect kind of shorts to wear to a party. You can pair them with any of your party tops and look ready for a night out in an instant.

There might not be many ways you can use leather shorts, but using them for the few outfits will definitely leave an impression on your friends. You have to be careful not to overdo with the accessories and stick to basic but interesting footwear. You could use sneakers with flower embroidery or prints or you could go for a nice pair of pumps to wear with your shorts. They also work wonderfully with crop tops.

6. Leather Dresses.

Every girl should own a Little Black Dress. Nothing screams sexy and party ready like a leather dress does. You could look unique and stunning with a black dress. Before wearing this dress keep in mind that this might not be the most comfortable of dresses. If you are looking for an outfit that is casual and comfy then this dress is simply not it. Leather is not the kind of fabric you go for when you want to look casual. A Black dress is all about sophistication and elegance. Avoid wearing simple sandals or boots when you go for this. For the right look, pair this dress with stilettos or some nice elegant pair of heels. Accessorize right and try not to steal the focus from the dress.

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