6 Impressive DIY Halloween Hairstyles To Complete Your Killer Look

Halloween is coming up and it is a fun holiday for everyone to get dressed up in the most terrifying and funny ways. Innovative and quirky hairstyles are something that will amp up your Halloween look and make it more interesting. So, if you want to experiment with your hairstyles and try something new, spooky and crazy, here are six great ideas to match the Halloween theme. Try these to make an impression.

DIY Halloween Hairstyles

1. Pumpkin Bun

Pumpkin bun is a super easy hairdo that will be just perfect for the fall holiday party as you cannot think about a Halloween party without pumpkins. Pull your hair into a high pony and add a hair donut over it. Spread your hair evenly over the donut to make a bun. Twist the ends of the hair around the bun and secure it using bobby pins. Spray the bun with orange hair spray and affix a green elastic or ribbon with ruffles to the bun to finish the pumpkin bun.

2. Spider Web

Want to impress the guests at the Halloween party with the icky spider, then here is a simple, fun and a bit crafty hairstyle you can try. Pull all your hair into a tight ponytail just above the nape. Divide the ponytail into two sections and braid them separately. Pin the braids on the backside of the head to make the letter “O”. Take a woven spider web and attach it to the “O” braid. Secure it using pins and add the creepy black spider to finish the look.

3. Mummy

The spooky mummy can be an exciting Halloween theme that is fun, but not too scary. If you have been thinking what hairstyle you can wear with your mummy themed costume, try this one. Go for a high pony first. Attach a toy skeleton to the ponytail and start wrapping the skeleton and the ponytail with a small section of hair pulled from one side of the ponytail. Make sure the skull, hands and legs of the skeleton are showing when you wrap the ponytail tight. Secure the ends using a band and your mummy hair is done.

4. Black Cat

Black cat costume is not just sweet and cute, but adorable and suits all ages in a Halloween party. If you are planning for a black cat look this Halloween party, try this easy hairdo and see how a simple hairdo can elevate your entire look. Go for a pony at your crown region and make it a little fluffy by teasing it. Spread the pony evenly so that it falls through the sides of your ears and the back and finish the look with a pair of black glittery cat ears hair band.

5. Bat Nest

Get ready for the dark night Halloween party in fanciful manner with the bat costume this season. To become a little extra batty, here is a superb hairstyle you can try. Wear a topknot and secure it with elastic and hairpins to make the bat nest and add four to five bat hair clips over the topknot for the quirky batty look.

6. Bride of Frankenstein

There is hardly any iconic hairstyle for Halloween than the Bride of Frankenstein. Tease your tresses until it is high and mighty. Place a cone made of Styrofoam in the desired position on your head. Now, cover the cone with your hair and secure it with pins. Use hairspray to keep the loose strands in place. Though it is optional, you can add extension on either side of the head near the temple area.





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