6 Historic Wild West Tattoo Designs

Tattoo makers take inspiration for interesting tattoos from almost anything. As this art of making tattoos on body now a days is extremely popular in countries like US several tattoos found in the market are based on historic elements of that country. The western part of US in late 19th century had seen a culture of small towns and ranchers which is known as wild west. Several tattoo designs found in the market which follow elements of this wild west. These are very popular among tattoo lovers.

Meaning Of Wild West Or Western Tattoo

The people who lived in small towns in western part of US in late 19th century used to deal with a very harsh, arid desert climate. There was an atmosphere of lawlessness always. The people used to wear big stetson hats, cowboy boots, buckskins. Revolver and Winchester rifle were constant companions. Brawl in bars and gunfights were ornaments of old west. This culture was made popular all around the world by Hollywood through western films. Several elements of this wild west culture have inspired great tattoo designs. Men as well as women like to have wild west tattoo on body. This kind of tattoo symbolizes love, admiration for an almost obsolete past, a sense battle for survival, adventure, action, leading a reckless and carefree life. Wild west tattoos can be done almost anywhere on body but are frequently seen in places like arm, thigh, side of the body, chest, back.

Here Are 6 Historic Wild West Tattoo Designs

1. Cowboy Tattoo Designs

Tough cowboys in typical cowboy outfit with guns riding horse is the main element of wild west culture. There are different types of cowboy tattoos found in the tattoo market. The tattoo lover has to choose the design, size and place of the tattoo.

Cowboy Tattoo Designs

2. Old Revolver Or Pistol Tattoos

Old fashioned pistol or revolver is another main element of wild west. There are very interesting and realistic images available to have on body. This can be done as gun tattoo also.

Old Revolver Or Pistol Tattoos

3. Indian Feather Tattoo Designs

A feather is a soft flexible thing that represents feminine beauty. Feather tattoo is very popular among women. American Indians were inseparable wild west element. To  American Indians a feather stands for courage and bravery. Some wild west tattoo have feather with fearless written with or on it. Thigh or arm is the best place for a woman to have it.

Indian Feather Tattoo Designs

4. Horseshoe Tattoos

A horse is the main transport of wild west towns. People used to ride on horse almost all through the day. Horses had to endure many hardships. Horseshoe represents this omnipresent animal of wild west. There are many interesting and stylish horseshoe tattoo designs for tattoo lovers.

Horseshoe Tattoos

5. Lasso Tattoo Designs

The lasso is one of the main elements cowboys used to use to capture escaped animals. The lasso is a rope that has its head in the form of a big hangman’s knot. There are some eyecatching lasso tattoo designs found in the market. Some show simple lasso while some others have elements like a cowboy hat, moon, star with a lasso image.

Lasso Tattoo Designs

6. Clint Eastwood Tattoos

Great movie stars or film makers who have marked themselves as outstanding artists Clint Eastwood is one of them. Clint Eastwood has made his name as a major movie star by acting in lead roles of several famous western films like The good, bad and ugly. Clint has earned Oscar by directing his own western Unforgiven. There are several Clint Eastwood tattoos that show Clint’s character from Spaghetti or Italian western films.

Clint Eastwood Tattoos

So you want to have a wild west tattoo on your body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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