6 Himalaya Soaps For Flawless Skin


Himalaya Soaps

Himalaya is a big brand that has been in the market for years. They are known to produce high quality skin care products. The same stands true for soaps as well. While many soaps are harsh and harmful for the skin, Himalaya soaps are herbal, devoid of harmful chemicals. They are so mild and gentle that they can also be used to wash the face. They deal with a lot of skin problems and make the skin flawless. You can easily find a best Himalayas body soap according to your requirements. However, to make this task easier, we bring forth our list of 6 best Himalaya soaps that will cleanse and pamper your body just like you pamper your face.

1. Himalaya Botanique Purifying Neem And Turmeric Body Bar:

This herbal soap is an all in one rescue against all skin issues. It is rich in neem and turmeric that are best known for their beauty benefits. A herbal blend of these two ingredients reduce body acne and controls redness, itching and pain. Neem cleanses the existing acne and turmeric removes all the acne marks. Neem oil and Turmeric also have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is suitable for all skin types, since it neither keeps the skin oily, nor it leads to dryness.

Himalaya Botanique Purifying Neem and Turmeric Body Bar also removes tanning, since it is rich in turmeric that has bleaching properties. Turmeric removes acne marks and sun spots giving you a fairer flawless skin.

Price: 3.99 dollar per 125 gram soap bar

Himalaya Botanique Purifying Neem And Turmeric Body Bar

2. Himalaya Herbals Almond And Rose Soap:

This mild refreshing herbal soap has a nice and flowery fragrance that keeps your body blooming throughout the day. It is skin in aqua, almond oil and Persian rose natural extracts. Almond oil gently seeps within the skin’s underlying layers and removes dryness. Almond oil also reduces skin inflammation. It also tightens the skin, making the cells elastic.
It is also rich in aqua that hydrates the skin, making the cells active. Persian rose has strong healing properties that repair the damaged skin and removes skin blemishes by gently cleansing the body pores.

Price: 1.06 dollar per 75 gram soap bar

 Himalaya Herbals Almond And Rose Soap

3. Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cucumber and Coconut Soap:

This amazing herbal everyday soap cleanses your body and leaves your skin well toned. It is rich in natural extracts of nut grass, cucumber, coconut oil and turmeric. Nut grass isn’t just a beauty enhancing product, it also has great medicinal value. This soap is beneficial for people suffering from eczema and extreme itching, and other skin allergies.
Turmeric makes the complexion fair and removes all the itching and acne marks. Coconut oil moisturizers the skin by seeping deep within the underlying skin layers. Cucumber, rich in water, hydrates the skin cells, removing all the harmful toxins from the epidermis. It lathers well and doesn’t leave behind any residue upon washing.

Price: 1.49 dollar per 75 gram soap bar

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cucumber and Coconut Soap

4. Himalaya Herbals Honey And Cream Soap:

This herbal soap makes your skin baby soft. It is enriched with the goodness of milk cream and honey. This soap is an amazing rescue for people suffering from dry and flaky skin. It calms down the inflammated skin cells by hydrating and cooling them.

Milk cream gently exfoliates the skin pores and moisturizers the skin cells at the same time. This soap is also an amazing antiseptic product that kills germs and bacteria, and removes all the dirt and dust accumulated due to pollution.

Price: 4.34 dollar per 4.41 ounce soap bar

Himalaya Herbals Honey And Cream Soap

5. Himalaya Herbals Aacteria Soap:

This is an antibacterial and antifungal medicinal soap. Aactaril is a mild ingredient that gently cleanses the body pores and removes all the dirt and dust. It is very effective against skin allergies like rashes, acne, dryness, flaking, burning, irritation and itching.. It is rich in herbs like Karanja, Jambira, Ushira and Nimba.

Karanja is an effective ancient herb that kills bacteria. Jambira has citric properties that cleanses the skin against dirt, oil and dust. Ushira is an ancient herb that is a strong fungus repellent. And Nimba, that is rich in Barbari, saves the skin from microbial infection. Thus, this soap can ideally be used in monsoons.

Price: 5 dollar per 75 gram soap bar

Himalaya Herbals Aacteria Soap

6. Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap:

This is an excellent soap that is meant for gently cleansing your baby’s skin. It is hundred percent herbal and is rich in castor oil, milk, honey and sunflower extracts. Castor oil controls itching and adds moisture to the skin. Milk gently exfoliates the skin and nourished the skin cells. Honey reduces any kind of skin inflammation and protects the baby’s skin against infections. And sunflower extracts maintain all the essential oils in the baby’s skin.

Price: 4.05 dollar per 125 gram soap bar

Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap:

Both men and women can use any of the above listed Himalaya soaps. They are filled with bundles of herbs that not just make the skin beautiful, but also cures various skin conditions. Also, they are easily affordable.

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