6 Hairstyles With Knotted Ponytails

A ponytail is the most basic and simple hairstyle in which the hair is tied at the back with a rubber band. It is suitable for daily use when you are at home or for formal occasions like office wear. Ponytails are loved by girls as it is easy to make the hairstyle and it enhances the beauty and looks. There are many types of ponytail variations possible with different styles of making and tying the hair. A knotted ponytail is one such very good option for all the girls who like to make a pony.

A ponytail is made on top of the head at a height and then the hair is knotted and secured to the pony. Apart from making ponytails with single and double knots, you can make several types of knots styled in different ways. We will explain some knotted ponytails and the way of making them.

Following Are The 6 Hairstyles With Knotted Ponytails:

1. Single Knotted Ponytail:

A Single Knotted Ponytail is a basic and simple ponytail hairstyle with a knot. For this, make a center parting in the hair and hold it with the hands at the back in a ponytail. Another option is to avoid the parting and combing the hair at the back holding a ponytail. Take out hair from the pony. Wrap it on the pony into a knot for securing and tying the ponytail. Wrap the whole hair strand and fix bobby pins to hold the knot in place.

Single Knotted Ponytail

2. Double-Knotted Ponytail:

The Double-Knotted Ponytail is easy to make hairstyle with an amazing look. For this, make a low ponytail at the back. Divide it into two parts. Make a knot by looping the hair from the hair at one side into the opposite side hair. Make another knot and join the two knots secured tightly. Fix a rubber band on the double knot pony. Stretch the knots.

Double-Knotted Ponytail

3. Knotted Headband Style Ponytail:

Knotted Headband Style Ponytail is made with flip-under hair technique with a high pony. For this, tie the hair at the back making a high ponytail on top of the head. Secure with pins. Take out 2 hair strands below the pony and comb them. Spray Pomade on this hair. Make a stitched knot just as tie the lace of a shoe. Take the hair strands at the side and secure with hair clips. Make another stitch like with two more hair strands. Continue doing this with the whole hair. Tie a rubber band in the end of the ponytail. Position the knots.

Knotted Headband Style Ponytail

4. Knotted Side Ponytail:

Knotted Side Ponytail can be made in a sleek or messy knotted ponytail at the side of the head. Part the hair at the left or right side of the hair. Pick up one hair strand from the left side and one from the right side. Make a knot with both strands tied together. Cross your hair behind the head to form a ponytail. Make another knot with hair strands from the ponytail sides.

Make several knots like this. Pick up 2 hair sections taking them behind. Tie a rubber band in the pony. Twist the hair inside a hollow pulling out hair from this hole. Secure bobby pins on the ends. Hide the pins with the knots on the side ponytail.

Knotted Side Ponytail

5. Knotted Low Pony:

Knotted Low Pony is an ideal hairstyle for summers and parties with friends. First, curl the hair with a hair curler. Apply smoothing cream to the hair. Make a parting in the hair and make two divisions. Cross and flip the hair sections from one side to the other. Make a half knot. Pick up the ending tail of the knot. Cover it with the remaining hair to join below the hair. Tie a rubber band.

Make another knot from the hair at the edge of the low pony. Make a half knot with two tails of hair. Tie a rubber band. Make the third knot. Create volume by spreading and pulling apart these knots. Tease the hair and comb the tail backward. Apply hairspray.

Knotted Low Pony

6. Intricate Knotted Ponytail With Multiple Knots:

Intricate Knotted Ponytail With Multiple Knots involves making knots from two hair strands. Take two layers of hair from the left or right side of the head near the ear area. Make a ponytail with a knot with the hair pulling the ending part on the head. Fix bobby pins on the knot. Tease the hair beneath this to create volume in the pony. Mess and tousle the pony.

Pull out two section of hair at the side once again combining it with the earlier two hair strands to make a knot. Fix bobby pins and after that tease the hair. Make multiple knots like this till the ending part of the hair. Tie rubber band in the end. Apply hairspray.

Intricate Knotted Ponytail With Multiple Knots



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