6 Foods That Secretly Lead To Belly Fat


 Foods That Secretly Lead To Belly Fat

You want to tone down that bloated belly but you are constantly gaining in the area. And even though you are doing 200 crunches a day, it seems that there is really no ‘toning’ out there. Blame it on the wrong foods, which you thought were actually going to help you lose weight. Here are 6 foods that cause weight gain around the abdomen-

1. Cereal

Yes you read it right. Most cereals are loaded in artificial sweeteners along with carbs that cause bloating of the tummy. Avoid these processed cereals and pick un-processed natural foods instead.


2. Diet Soda

The label may state that it is sugar-free but that aerated carbon is still adding piles to your tummy. Simply pick water or natural sugar-based drinks.

Diet Soda

3. Wheat Bread

Whole wheat or even regular wheat bread has a high glycemic index like white bread. Sure it has some added fibres but there are no other nutrients you gain with.

Wheat Bread

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4. Deep Fried Veggies

So you think that since you are having veggies, it doesn’t matter if they are fried. You are wrong because these still absorb the same amount of oil, which in turn adds to your waistline.

Deep fried Veggies

5. Salad Dressing

You are eating nothing but lettuce and broccoli, tomato, etc. salad for lunch but still gaining. Think about those ready dressings that you pour on the salad. They are loaded with preservatives and artificial sweeteners that add to calorie count.

Salad Dressing

6. Fruit Juices

Even organic fruit juices contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives unless specified otherwise. Munch on fruit instead of sucking these down.

Fruit Juices

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