6 Fashion Tips For A Younger Looking You

Younger Looking

We crazily follow fashion trends to look updated and young. But like every other thing on this planet there are some rules to consider while trying on any new trend that looks tempting to the eye as one wrong choice can mar your whole look and even make you look tacky and aged. To look young at any age one needs to be careful about choices made while selecting a particular piece of clothing or accessory. To help you we have listed some parameters to consider for a younger looking you.

6 Fashion Tips For A Younger Looking You

1. Sleek Silhouette

The way your clothes fit you go a long way in deciding how old or young you look. Opt for clothes that skim your body but aren’t too tight or too loose. If you feel that a shirt or a dress needs some adjustments at certain places then get it altered. Smart tailoring can put life into any outfit which you never wore probably because it didn’t fit you well when you bought it and didn’t like it on you. So go ahead and get all clothing items you have altered for a better fit.

Sleek Silhouette

2. Thin Fabrics

While buying an outfit observe the texture of the fabric. Pick outfits made from thin and mouldable fabrics like cashmere, wool rayon and thin cotton that hug your body and create an illusion of a shapely figure. Ditch thick and distressed materials as they make you look drab and dreary. Pay special attention to the upkeep of all your outfits to keep them looking young.

Thin Fabrics

3. Right Colour Combinations

Youth is all about being bold and footloose. Try to capture this in your clothing by bringing in contrasting elements in your outfit. If you are wearing a dress in the same colour, give it a youthful vibe by adding an accessory in a brighter tone. Pair white shirt with pants in pastel shades or wear a bright coloured jacket over a dark coloured outfit. Lighter colours illuminate the face and hide all those age spots so wear them close to your face.

Right Colour Combinations

4. High Rise Boots

If you are accustomed to wearing sneakers or stilettos most of the time you tend to get bored of the same look. Try wearing high rise boots instead to update your look. They instantly transform the way your regular outfits look on you. Stay away from those big and boxy shoes and pick the ones with a sleeker outline. Pair them with skinny jeans or knee length skirts and see the difference they create.

High Rise Boots

5. Understated Jewelry

You have to instinctively select classy jewelry pieces to adorn your outfit in a way that doesn’t make you look over-embellished or clumsy. You have to make sure that all your jewelry pieces are in harmony with each other and your clothes. Stick to tiny and understated pieces that add a hint of sheen to your whole outfit and avoid wearing big and chunky pieces all at once that draw everyone’s attention.

Understated Jewelry

6. Cat Eye Sunglasses

The right frame of your eye wear can work wonders in taking off years from your appearance while the wrong one can instantly emphasize your flaws and make you appear aged. Choose frames with an upswept look as they instantly lift a droopy face. Wearing glasses in light pastel shades lend softness to your face and bring out a youthful appearance. Avoid wearing shades in darker colours like black, blue or brown as they make you look outdated.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

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