6 Effective Exercises For Getting Reducing Side Fat

 Getting Reducing Side Fat

Side fat or love handles are something that you all despise. But remember that there is a very thin line between having curves and having side fat. And no matter whether you are curvy or have side fat, these exercise are going to help you get in shape by toning the fat on the side so that you have the hourglass look, without worrying about the side fat. Side fat is largely caused because of poor food habits, but exercises can combat this problem. Here are some of them.

6 Effective Exercises For Getting Reducing Side Fat:

1. Side Crunches Or Abs

This is painful, merciless and you have to do a lot of repetitions. But the results are marvelous. For this exercise, lie down flat on the floor and put arms behind your back. Elbows should be parallel to the floor and legs hip wide apart. Now with take a deep breath and suck in your tummy. With your right elbow, reach out towards the left thigh and raise the head as you do so. Repeat with other leg. Make the move more difficult by moving your legs to make it like a bicycle crunch. Do at least 5 sets of 20 each.

Side Crunches Or Abs

2. Side Plank

Ooh this one is going to hurt but sure worth it. Lie down on your right side and then lift the body using your right elbow. Both knees should be folded and toes should be parallel to the thighs. Now you have to gently lift your left leg and raise it as high as you can. Do it at least 20 times. Turn sides and now repeat the same with the other leg. Do at least 2 sets of this to see the visible difference in your love handles.

Side Plank

3. Russian Twists

This is another exercise that really works on melting that stubborn flab on the side. You have to sit on the floor with your knees bent and facing towards the ceiling. The stomach should be sucked in and your elbows should be close to your sides. Now bend the elbows, keeping them as close to the waist as possible. Now towards the left as much as you can. Repeat on the other. This should be done as fast as possible while making sure that you are turning enough to the left and right.

Russian Twists

4. Dead Lifts

If you have weights at home, then now is the time to make sure that you are using them the right way. For dead lifts, you have to be in a light squat position, with legs shoulder width apart. Now lift both hands together and raise then as straight as you can. Bring them back to the sides. Do this at least 20-30 times for visible results.

Dead Lifts

5. Standing Side Twists

For this twist, you can use or avoid weights. Stand with the legs shoulder-width apart and bent slightly at the knees. Now, keep both hands near the navel area, irrespective of whether you are using weights or not. Then turn towards the left side completely so that you can feel that stretch on the left side. Repeat with the other and go as fast as you can.

Standing Side Twists

6. Side Stretch

This one really stretches the muscles on the sides and reduces fat. Stand with legs as apart as possible. Now bent left knee slightly, and extend left foot outwards. Bend towards the left and bring your right hand above the head and extend it as much as possible towards the left. Now repeat the exact same process with the right side. Hold for 30 seconds each and keep repeating to lose that side fat.

Side Stretch


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