6 Effective Dry Hair Treatments Direct From Your Kitchen

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Do you have extremely dry and frizzy hair? Many of us have a dry hair in born. Or it can happen due to the pollution or overuse of artificial hair styling agent on our hair. On the other hand if we did not take proper care of our hair it can also get dry.

You must have used all the available treatment to make your dry hair manageable. Do you ever try these simple treatments from your kitchen which effectively works on your hair and makes it touchable soft? These entire ingredients are easily available so that you can use it. Try these ingredients in treating your dry hair to get a naturally beautiful hair.

Here Are The 6 Effective Dry Hair Treatments Direct From Your Kitchen:


Honey is a well known natural moisturizer and it is easily found in our kitchen used as a sweetening agent. Apart from its culinary value it is also used as a useful ingredient which treats dry hair in an effective way. This natural ingredient plays an important role keeping the natural moisture in hair to make it soft and beautiful. You can use honey as a conditioner for your hair which bring back the shine of your hair. Natural conditioning of honey gives you a shiny and soft hair from your dry, frizzy hair in minimum effort.


Olive Oil:

All of us use Olive oil as a cooking medium in our kitchen. It makes our food healthy and tasty where as it has beauty benefits too apart from its culinary use. Olive oil is rich in moisture as well as protein content and thus it is highly effective in treatment of dry hair. Regular massage with this oil in your scalp keeps your hair moisturized. But remember one thing, when you massage your scalp do it in a circular movements. It actually increases blood circulation in your scalp and easily penetrates in the hair root which nourishes your dry hair to make it healthy. It keeps your hair moisturized and soft.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


As our hair get dry, it looks dull, rough and lost its natural shine. Papaya is a superb fruit enriched with vitamin E and A which is also blessed with natural moisturizing property. Try to use papaya pulp in your hair masks to get rid of dryness from your hair. It also brings back the lost shine of your hair and makes it beautiful. Papaya and honey hair mask provides best result by bringing back the lost shine in your hair and also makes it moisturized. Use this hair mask at least twice a week if you have a very dry hair, to make your locks silky soft.



Avocado is a natural source of vital nutrients like lots of vitamins and minerals. Thus if you put an Avocado in your regular diet it will be beneficial for your hair too. It is blessed with natural moisturizing properties. Like the fruit itself the skin of this fruit is also good for you. You can prepare hair masks to treat your dry hair with Avocado to get naturally soft hair. Try this effective home remedy to treat dry hair. Take an avocado, mash it and then mix it well with egg yolks to prepare the hair mask. Apply this hair mask at least twice a week on your dry hair.



Egg is very much used in our kitchen which has a great use in various dishes. It is a fantastic source of animal protein which also comprises of lots of vitamins and minerals. When you use it in your hair masks it actually does a magic with your dry and brittle hair. It penetrates in to the hair root and provides nourishment to your scalp. It makes your locks soft and bouncy. It turns the rough texture of your dry hair in to a silky one and gives you a beautiful hair in few minutes. Try to use egg protein mask at least once a week if you have a dry hair. Eggs give you best results when it is used with curds.

Eggs (3)


All of us have Banana in our kitchen. We can eat this fruit individually or can make fruit salads with it. This fruit is enriched with lots of minerals and holds moisturizing property in it. Thus banana is also used in preparing different type of hair mask suitable for dry hair. It helps you to lock the moisture in your hair naturally leaving your hair soft. Use banana along with honey to treat your dry hair. This amazing hair mask really works on your dry hair and you will surely get a silky soft hair in few uses of this mask.


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