6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant

Are you a fan of the reds and the blues in the range of the amazing array of hair color products and try out each one of them on your manes every season? If yes, this one is truly for you where we are going to talk about the extremely simple and easy ways in which you can maintain your colored hairs and keep them as vibrant as the first day of application till a long period of time.

Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant

1. Pick The Right Hair Products

This is perhaps one of the mistakes which most of us make when we choose hair products after a streak or a coloring. In case you have just opted for a light highlight or a golden color in your manes, stay as far as possible from hair oils, and more so if they are dark in color. This is due to the fact that most of the argan oils are yellow or orange tinted which may cause brassiness. Check with your shampoos too and use the colorless ones. In case the brassiness is evident already, try out the purple tint conditioners and shampoos to counter the issue.

Pick The Right Hair Products

2. Gloss It Up

To make the colored manes look even more vibrant, you may use a custom home- made tinted gloss at the convenience of your home. To make this you would need a basic conditioner, a few drops of demi permanent dye and mix and smooth the mix on your colored already wetted manes and let it stand for about 10 minutes before rinsing off. Due to the fact that here we are talking about hardcore color, it is better to apply the mix with gloves on and to sleep on a deep hued pillow cover to avoid staining.

Gloss It Up

3. Reboot The Tips And The Ends

With time, the concern areas become the visible tips and the worn out colored hair ends which look ugly and tired. So, what does one do; go for another dull hair color? No! You just need a reboot of the dye where the same is applied to the ends and the tips and the remaining color combed all over the colored strands. Chic and perfect!

Reboot The Tips And The Ends

4. Check The Lather

You read that right! We are indeed talking about the lathering part of shampooing the hairs and the best way to keep the colored manes in the right vibrant condition is by getting the shower tricks right. Make sure that you so not wash your manes daily or lather them too often with shampoos as it tends to turn the colored stands into a color fading bundle. Thus, use more of sulfate cleaning conditioners in the middle which are less lather creating much like the L’Oreal Paris EverPure Cleansing Balm to keep your manes clean and manageable yet vibrantly colored.

Check The Lather

5. Use The Conditioner With Caution

It is but usual for people to think that they should apply conditioners and keep them on for longer than mentioned in the bottles. However in reality, this causes more harm to the hairs than they do good as the conditioners end up saturating the hair follicles in the process which when rinsed takes away all the vibrancy with it too! In case you require a conditioning and a mask, use color safe options such as the L’Oreal Paris EverPure Repair and Defend Mask to the rescue.

Use The Conditioner With Caution

6. Use A Head Cover

When you plan to head in the sun, try and keep a scarf or a hat handy so that you can safeguard your colored manes from the harmful UV rays which can actually turn your hairs into a bad shade of orange which you would never like!

Use A Head Cover

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